What to eat at this year’s Tiffin Food Court 

Image adapted from: Tiffin Food Court

Tiffin Food Court is getting ready to open the doors once more and will be taking in hungry customers from 25th July1st September 2019 at The Warehouse in PJ (behind The Gasket Alley). You won’t find typical hawker food here though, as their line-up of vendors will be serving up gourmet delights that are worthy of your Instagram feed. 

They’ll be open to customers from 5PM till late, every Thursday to Sunday. There’ll be different vendors on rotation each week, so there’ll be something new for you try each time you drop by. 

Tail & Fin – fresh sushi tacos

Image credit: @sushicravings

Tail & Fin’s name was all over the Malaysian food scene when news came out that they were bringing over their signature sushi burritos and tacos. They’ll be introducing a selection of their sushi tacos during Tiffin’s big food event, including It’s Stupid Good (RM22.90) and The Omega Taco (RM18.90)

Drop by their stall if you need something light and fresh to bring you back on your feet so that you can return to your food hunt.

Whup Whup – steak sandwiches  and Justin Timberleggs

David Hasselhoof
Image credit: Tiffin Food Court

Whup Whup’s David Hasselhoof steak sandwich is reminiscent of those wagyu katsu sandwiches that are more common in Japan. For an extra hit of protein, you can get an order of the Justin Timberleggs, which is their rendition of a classic breakfast item. Even if you’re not a big fan of their puns, you’ve got to admit that their food is anything but lame. 

Justin Timberleggs
Image credit: Tiffin Food Court

Crème De La Crème – matcha bubble tea and cute treats

Image credit: @foodjournalbyfath

Crème De La Crème had initially caught everyone’s attention with their Beauty & The Beast-inspired rose cake. Well, they’re spreading their sugary wings to the shores of Tiffin Food Court.  

Image adapted from: Tiffin Food Court

We’re eyeing their Matcha Monster, which is a matcha latte with brown sugar boba  that comes with a large green chewy matcha cookie on top. You might also want to try their Onigiri, which is essentially a hazelnut ice cream with a Yuzu sorbet and strawberry jam centre.

VCR – flavourful meat buns 

Image credit: @vcrlovesyou

VCR, a cafe that has come to be known by many for their delicious brunch fare since its inception in Pudu, is joining this year’s lineup so that patrons can #brunch even when it’s supper time. 

They will be offering 3 different kinds of meat buns that are easy to grab and bite for when you’re walking over to the next food stop. You’ll be able to choose from a menu that has the Beef Brisket Bao, Daebak Gochujang Fried Chicken Bao, and the Katsu Bao, depending on which cuisine you’re in the mood for. 

Seniman Kakao – pisang goreng and doughnut bombs drizzled in chocolate

Banana Fritters
Image credit: Tiffin Food Court

If you haven’t heard yet, Seniman Kakao is a homegrown chocolatier. Catch them at their booth for a serving of Banana Fritters (RM12) topped with chocolate and coconut shavings, with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side. If you have more room for dessert, their Doughnut Bombs are another sinful indulgence for your #cheatday.

Doughnut Bombs
Image credit: Tiffin Food Court

Way Modern Chinois – molecular dim sum 

Image adapted from: @thefoodguest and @leweekender

It isn’t a local food fest without some Chinese fare, but Way Modern Chinois offers a little twist to typical dim sum dishes. The star of their menu is the Molecular ‘Skinless’ Xiao Long Bao (RM6). This fan favourite is not your ordinary soup dumpling and looks like a gelatinous dessert. 

They also have something for those who’d appreciate being gifted food over flowers, Rose Wantons (RM20). Expect to hear the crispy crackle of the wanton skin as you bite into the prawn inside.

Ploy – oriental-style burgers

We’ve gotten used to seeing charcoal buns for a while now alongside the traditional golden burger bun, but Ploy’s shaking things up with a Chinese-style bun. You can expect it to be sweeter and fluffier than the regular ol’ bun.

Image adapted from: Tiffin Food Court

This makes for a substantial bite, especially when you have a generous chunk of nicely grilled wagyu patty, appropriately named as the Wagyu Emperor Mantao (RM 28). For shellfish fans, you can also choose to indulge in the Soft Shell Crab Mantao (RM36). 

Food vendors at Tiffin Food Court

Of course, the list above is just merely scratching the surface of what’s to come when Tiffin Food Court opens on 25th July 2019.

MyBurgerLab will be introducing its newest addition to the family, MyTacoLab at this food fest, while Lucky Tora and Super Boring Club will be having a collaboration so you can expect to see some Japanese-inspired fare. 

Little People will be bringing in their handmade pasta and a few of their delectable desserts. And if you’ve been meaning to try the insanely popular desserts by Namelaka which are made to look like real fruits, they’ll be here too! 

This is an opportunity for foodies to scour KL’s hottest food joints without actually having to travel to all these individual restaurants. We know one thing is for sure and it’s that Tiffin Food Court is a foodie-certified event.

Event Information
Tiffin Food Court 2019
Lot 15,
Jalan 13/6,
Seksyen 13,
Petaling Jaya
25 July - 01 September 2019
5:00 pm - 12:00 am