The Tokyo Restaurant at Lot 10 in KL

We can never have enough when it comes to desserts. So whenever we hear them being hailed as the star of the menu at any restaurant or cafe in KL, we won’t hesitate to drop by for a visit and skip straight to desserts. 

A spot that has become popular among KL-ites for desserts is The Tokyo Restaurant at Lot 10 Shopping Centre in KL. This atas restaurant and bar serves authentic plates of sushi and hearty bowls of ramen with a Malaysian twist, but their decadent cheesecakes have been stealing the limelight for those with a sweet tooth who can’t get enough. 

Note: Due to various CMCO and RMCO guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, operating hours may vary. Also, do be sure to wear a mask, and observe safe-distancing rules and other SOPs when out and about too. 

Draperies and lanterns for a feel of Japan in KL 

You’ll find The Tokyo Restaurant tucked away at The Table, a hub for authentic Japanese fare in the city comprising 5 restaurants serving everything from fresh sushi to grilled wagyu beef. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - bar area

Red draperies and a lantern centrepiece hovering above The Tokyo Restaurant’s “outdoor” bar area will immerse you in Japanese vibes and almost make you forget that you’re in KL. Here, you’ll have comfy lounge and bar chairs to grab a seat at while you indulge in a glass of Yamazaki Whiskey or KID Sake, both brewed in and imported from Japan.

The Tokyo Restaurant - lounge area

Walk a little further past the bar to the main dining area inside the restaurant, and you’ll see a cosy dining atmosphere that’s family-friendly too. Geometric light hangings and wood furnishings complete that Japanese minimalist look that we all know and love. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - main dining area

There’s a bar seating area that lets you see the restaurant’s skilled chefs carefully grilling slabs of meat and fresh cuts of fish on its teppanyaki grill as you enjoy the dishes you ordered. If you’re swinging by just for their desserts, you’ll often find yourself seated here – which is a treat for foodies as you’ll get to see chefs plate dishes up close. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - bar seats
Bar seats and cosy booths at The Tokyo Restaurant

Melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes

Main courses aside, it’s the cheesecakes that you’ll want to drop by The Tokyo Restaurant for. 

While popular Japanese cheesecakes – such as the soufflé ones that wobble and jiggle with every slight move – have made its way to many Malaysian cafes and restaurants, you’ll find something a little different here. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - cakes

The restaurant’s most sought-after dessert among customers is their 6th Avenue Cheese Cake (RM20/slice), named after a vibrant shopping and food lane in New York City. It’s a carefully baked New York-style cheesecake that looks simple in appearance – served on its side with just a dollop of cream – but offers different textures in every bite. 

This version blends together the best of New York cheesecakes with its cousin, Basque Burnt Cheesecake. This is why you’ll find a creamy centre that melts like ice cream on your tongue, much like the former, and a flufflier surrounding and caramelised top layer that the latter is known for. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - cheesecake

Green tea lovers can get their fix of tea here with a matcha version of the cheesecake too. The Tokyo Restaurant partnered up with Niko Neko Matcha, a popular artisanal matcha brand in Malaysia, for their new addition Matcha Cheese Cake (RM21)

Consider it the cheesecake version of matcha ice cream, as it has a silky interior reminiscent of soft serve or a dense cream, rather than a spongey, fluffy texture. As this cake has a rich flavour, it is best paired with a cup of light tea, such as Jasmine Tea (from RM8) or Chamomile Tea (from RM8)

The Tokyo Restaurant - Matcha cheesecake

Their Classic Tiramisu (RM18/slice) is not to be missed either. You’ll get a generous slice of this decadent coffee-flavoured Italian cake, with thick layers of soft cream sandwiching complimenting layers of espresso-infused cake. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - Tiramisu

Other options for desserts here include Caramel Pudding (RM18), Gateau Chocolate (RM18) and Matcha Meringue Roll (RM18) – all just as rich and decadent. 

Their Strawberry Sandwich (RM25) and Strawberry Parfait (RM30) are refreshing treats that are great after a marathon shopping sesh too. Or you can opt for a cup of mango or herb Sorbet (RM9), or Ice Cream (RM9) in flavours of chocolate, vanilla, sesame, or pistachio, on a hot day to cool you down too. 

The Tokyo Restaurant - parfait
Strawberry Parfait
Image credit: @thetokyorestaurant

Decadent cakes at The Tokyo Restaurant in KL

The Tokyo Restaurant is a gem for those craving good Japanese food while hopping around the city. But this restaurant-bar is also home to one of the best cheesecakes in town that many have been raving about. So the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, drop by for a cup of tea and a slice of their cakes at their IG-worthy, Japanese-inspired space.  

As COVID-19 is still a cause for concern in Malaysia, be sure to maintain social distancing and adhere to SOPs that the restaurant has in place, such as checking your temperature, sanitising your hands, and checking in for contact tracing.  

Address: Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Center, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Sun – Thu 12PM-10PM | Fri & Sat 12PM-11PM
Telephone: 03-2119 2622

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Photography by Janet Cho.

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