The Gravityz at Menara Komtar, Penang 

Obstacle courses are admittedly, not everybody’s cup of tea. Neither is extreme height. Combine both these thrilling factors and you’ll get The Gravityz’s rope course challenge, a literal high-level obstacle course that only brave souls can conquer.

Perched 239m above ground on the 65th floor of Menara Komtar in George Town, Penang, The Gravityz comprises six obstacle challenges that will test your balance, concentration, and most importantly, fear of heights.

So let’s take a look at what those challenges entail and see if you have the courage for it.

1. Confidence Path

The Gravityz Menara Komtar - Confidence PathImage credit: @silviafedericaboldetti

To get you acclimated, you’ll start off by walking sideways like a crab on a narrow platform that skirts Menara Komtar. It may not sound like much, but hovering on the ledge of a high tower can make anyone’s knees buckle.

2. High Bench

The Gravityz Menara Komtar - High Bench
Image credit: The Gravityz

Then, take a breather on a hexagonal bench that’s big enough to fit one, as you take in the awe-inspiring views of the Penang skyline and George Town below.

3. A Great Bridge 

The Gravityz Menara Komtar - A Great BridgeImage credit: @_nrlatiqah

Once you’re “rested”, cross over the Great Bridge – suspended in the air without railings on both sides, the bridge isn’t long but it’ll feel pretty scary, especially if the wind is strong, now that there are no sides of the building to lean on for a sense of security.

4. X Point

The Gravityz Menara Komtar - X PointImage credit: @hiak_hiak_hiak

The X Point is another pit stop similar to the High Bench. You get to sit down on a ledge for a while to enjoy looking down at the low buildings around Komtar Penang. Cast your sight farther and you’ll see the Straits of Malacca and the horizon. Daredevils can try to dangle backwards with only their soles on the platform, and two harnesses for support.

5. Z Wire

The Gravityz Menara Komtar - Z WireImage credit: The Gravityz

Thrillseekers will likely enjoy this the most because – how often do you get to ride a zip line above the Penang skyline? The zip line is not long, as it connects one edge of Komtar Penang to another, but the strong wind high above makes it an experience unlike any other.

6. G Rocky

The Gravityz Menara Komtar - G RockyImage credit: @_jorcool_

Now that you’ve made it to the final station of the obstacle course, you’ll have to tick the G Rocky off to have boasting rights that you’ve conquered The Gravityz completely. It’s basically a lounge chair that dangles high above ground, and is definitely not the best lounge chair to relax on, as it is extremely nerve-racking to put your full weight on it and just lean back at this height.

The Gravityz at Menara Komtar, Penang, is a thrillseeker’s haven

The Gravityz’s rope course challenge will only take around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. It’s not long compared to more gruelling obstacle courses, but the novelty of attempting the challenges while dangling high up in the middle of the city provides a great boost of adrenaline and fun that will definitely satisfy thrillseekers.

Address: 65th floor, Menara Komtar, 1, Jalan Penang, 10000 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 012–336 8074 | 04–375 9800
Ticket prices: RM149/pax

Participants have to be above 18 years old, more than 100cm in height, and less than 100kg in weight.

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Cover image adapted from: @silviafedericaboldetti and @_nrlatiqah

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