Tesco’s grocery guides for confused shoppers

Tesco grocery guides
Grocery guides from Tesco
Image adapted from: Aeon Retail Malaysia & Tesco

When a Malaysian man documented his hilarious grocery “mission” on Facebook during Movement Control Order (MCO), a sea of confused husbands surfaced to share their similar frustrations. This comes with the ruling that only the head of the house may go out to purchase essentials during this time. 

In a move to save their customers from having to face the wrath of angry spouses should they return home with the wrong ingredients, Tesco has been providing shoppers with elementary guides on groceries. And it looks similar to ABC picture dictionaries for kids. 

Tesco gives shoppers a helpful shopping guide

Tesco veggies guide
Image credit:
Tesco Malaysia

Not wanting to leave their customers stranded during these tough times, Tesco came up with a grocery guide that they shared on their Facebook page, with descriptions of common grocery items in English, Malay, and Chinese

This includes parts of chicken to get from the butcher and different types of veggies that proves that not all that is green is the same. There’s even a fish breed guide that lists out everything from sardines to salmon.  

Tesco's fish guide
credit: Tesco Malaysia

We can’t help but be reminded of those body part charts from our childhood with their chicken buying guide, with parts such as the neck, leg, nose, and feet of the chicken labelled clearly for shoppers. 

Body part or chicken guide
Body part guide from our childhood or chicken buying guide for confused shoppers?
Image adapted from: Vector Stock & Tesco Malaysia

Tesco also released another series of helpful guides on their Facebook page, this time on herbs and spices. It also comes complete with images so even the most novice of chefs won’t get confused. 

Tesco herbs and spices guide
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Aeon & Jaya Grocer lends a helping hand to shoppers too

Confused shopper
credit: AEON Retail Malaysia

With a limited number of shoppers allowed in supermarkets, plus time limits for shopping, places like Jaya Grocer have reportedly designated staff to help customers gather their items quickly. Aeon and Aeon BiG have also implemented free personal shopper services at its supermarkets to help confused shoppers.

If you identify as a fellow lost shopper, just hand your grocery list over to these staff and they’ll help you get what you need. All you have to do is make the payment for your groceries once they’re done. 

Aeon personal shopper
Image adapted from:
Aeon Retail Malaysia

For those who want to spend even less time “exposed” to the outside world, Aeon also has drive-thru grocery pickup services at 12 Aeon and 8 Aeon BiG outlets nationwide. You’ll just have to shop online and head over to a store to pick up your groceries. 

Confused shoppers now have help with grocery guides from Tesco

Most of us Malaysians are trying our best to get by during the MCO period, and that means doing things we never had to do before – such as going grocery shopping all alone. 

We’re glad to see supermarkets amping up efforts to help shoppers, and can’t deny that Tesco’s grocery guide is useful during this time. It gives us a much needed chuckle while we wait for the MCO to be over. 

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