DIY bubble tea kits from Tealive

DIY bubble tea kit cover pic
DIY bubble tea kit
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Bubble tea is a staple for Malaysians, and many of us can barely go a couple of days without our favourite milk and fruit teas to fuel slow work days.

It’s understandable then, that some of us are feeling a tad deprived now that we can’t simply head out to get our cravings sorted, thanks to the extended Movement Control Order (MCO).  If you’ve exceeded your quota for bubble tea delivery, then Tealive’s new DIY Bubble Tea Kit may just be the thing for you.

20 cups of boba to last you through MCO

The cool thing about this bubble tea kit is that you’re provided with enough ingredients to make 20 cups, which is more than enough to last you through the MCO period. This means you don’t have to worry about running low on stock, having to re-order, and going through the pain of waiting for your delivery to arrive. 

DIY bubble tea kit drink
Image credit: @bryan_loob

You’ll also be able to switch things up as it comes in 3 flavours – Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Matcha Latte, and Hojicha Latte

DIY bubble tea kit
Image credit: @bryan_loob

In each kit you’ll find:

  • 1kg of pearls
  • 500g of brown sugar
  • 75g Nishio Matcha
  • 75g Hojicha
  • 20 wide straws
  • 3 bottles of milk

You’ll be provided with a guide that’ll teach you all the know-hows of boba barista-ing. The easy-to-follow steps will help you recreate some of your favourite drinks from the popular bubble tea chain. 

At RM150/kit, it’s actually a much more affordable option than having bubble tea delivered to you as each cup is worth a reasonable RM7.50 for a month’s supply of bubble tea drinks. 

To order, simply slide into Tealive founder Bryan Loo’s DMs on Instagram. He’ll then tell you how you to proceed. 

Bubble tea kits for MCO

Tealive employees
Image credit: @bryan_loob

Bubble tea fans can rejoice knowing that the void in their bellies – and hearts – can soon be filled with the delicious boba-filled drinks from Tealive.

Whether you’re making all 20 cups for yourself or sharing them with your family, you’ll definitely be able to put down “bubble tea barista” on your CV once you’re able to leave your house after the lockdown.

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