Tealive and Wall’s launch special-edition bubble tea ice-cream

tealive bubble tea ice-cream cover pic
Popular BBT brand Tealive launches first-ever bubble tea ice-cream
Image adapted from: Wall’s and @NasSuha_

Even the partial lockdown due to Movement Control Order (MCO) can’t tamper with Malaysians love for bubble tea as getting it delivered is only a simple click away on our phones. During this time when our sugar cravings are stronger than ever, Tealive has rolled out yet another product just a month after they debuted their DIY boba kit to keep us satiated.

The OG boba brand had been keeping it under wraps, but they’ve just launched their special-edition Tealive Boba Ice-Cream that’s sure to keep all the BBT fans out there in high spirits while we ride out this COVID-19 outbreak and MCO.

Malaysia’s first bubble tea ice cream starting from RM2.20

Tealive’s collaboration with Wall’s – the brand behind all our favourite ice-creams like Cornetto and Magnum – marks Malaysia’s first-ever bubble tea ice-cream to hit the freezers of convenience stores across the country. Regulars of the popular bubble tea chain can expect to find the same rich milk tea flavour in the ice-cream version as well as their signature chewy tapioca pearls.

Tealive bubble tea ice-cream (1)
Image credit: Wall’s

And Tealive has just announced the arrival of its latest product in its Instagram page barely 2 hours ago, A Twitter user’s post from yesterday’s evening (Apr 23) has managed to garner an overwhelming amount of responses from Malaysians who couldn’t wait to give this new ice-cream a try. In just a day, Nas’ post has received 11,000 likes and 7,000 retweets – proving that bubble tea is still king when it comes to Malaysians’ favourite desserts.

tealive ice-cream twitter post
Image adapted from: @NasSuha_

Nas’ post has since been flooded with comments from Malaysians who were keen to try the ice-cream for themselves. And according to his caption, it tastes pretty darn good as well. He said that it tasted like “milk tea kaw” that had little pearls in them. If you’re wondering how good frozen pearls can be, you’ll be pleased to know that they actually still retain their signature chewiness!

tealive bubble tea ice-cream (2)
Image credit: Wall’s

In fact, Wall’s actually suggests waiting for 3-5 minutes after taking the ice-cream out of the freezer before enjoying the treat, so that the pearls have some time to soften up. With a price range of between RM2.20-RM2.70, these Tealive bubble tea ice-creams are certainly a cheaper option for when you’re craving a boba fix but your wallet has already been spread thin.

M’sians begin hunting down for Tealive bubble tea ice-creams

With no news as to where the ice-cream is being sold, Malaysians can only try their luck the next time they head out for a grocery run. However, thanks to Nas, we already know that you can find these special edition Tealive ice-creams in 7-Eleven stores.

Whether you’re just someone who can’t function without your daily boba fix or you just need a pick-me-up after an especially dull day at home, Tealive’s bubble tea ice-cream may just be the sweet treat you need to help make MCO life a tad bit easier.

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