Sunway Pyramid’s social distancing mannequins

Social-distancing mannequins in Sunway PyramidImage adapted from: Sunway Pyramid & Shiro Yui

Malaysians have welcomed relaxed guidelines under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) with a sigh of relief. Many are now able to get back to their jobs, while others get to stretch their legs and give their couch a break.

But with it, there have also been sightings of many not complying with social distancing measures. In an effort to avoid unwanted crowding, Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya has now creatively displayed mannequins on public benches around its premises to teman shoppers and remind them to social-distance.  

Mannequins help shoppers practice social distancing

If you didn’t already know about Sunway Pyramid, it’s a sprawling Egyptian-themed shopping mall that comes attached with a theme-park. So it’s no surprise that they came up with a creative way to remind shoppers to adhere to SOPs in its large space: social distancing mannequins.

Several photos of them were shared on Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook page on 19th May 2020. And it came with a cheeky caption – “If you spot them, don’t be scared. Lion’s friends won’t bite!” – presumably because of how they might catch shoppers off-guard. 

Social-distancing mannequins 1
These mannequins are a major upgrade to your regular warning sign
Image adapted from: Sunway Pyramid

If you do run into them, you’ll find them taking up a seat space on public benches so that only one shopper can sit at a time. They also come with a red sign that reads: “Come closer. There’s no need for social distancing with me!” 

Social-distancing mannequins 2The mall – and the mannequins – are sanitised daily too, according to Sunway Pyramid.
Image adapted from: Sunway Pyramid

But they aren’t just there for decoration or social distancing purposes. They are also decked out head to toe in clothes from retailers in the mall, such as Uniqlo and Topshop. So those looking for fashion inspiration while resting their legs won’t have to look any further than their new mall buddies. 

Netizens have mixed reactions over new mall mannequins

The post from Sunway Pyramid saw netizens coming out to applaud the creative installations that remind shoppers to practice social distancing. 

Facebook comment 1
Image adapted from:
Sunway Pyramid 

But many more were lowkey terrified after seeing them, asking if Halloween was around the corner. One netizen even refers to the sight as a scene out of a fictional “House of Wax Season 3: Sunway Pyramid”.

Another netizen also chimed in with movie references, saying that it was a Night At The Museum-adaption just waiting to happen. But in this case, it’ll be “Night At The Pyramid” with mall mannequins coming to life.  

Facebook comment 2
Image adapted from:
Sunway Pyramid 

Others wasted no time to crack jokes, with Wong LS commenting: “Why all female mannequins only? Please consider [putting] some male ones. We ladies want some male company when we take a break”. 

Facebook comments 3
Image adapted from:
Sunway Pyramid 

Sunway Pyramid’s mannequins to social distance shoppers

Rest assured, you won’t be feeling lonely the next time you’re doing an essential run to Sunway Pyramid during the CMCO. So while these mannequins are providing us with some much-needed laughter at this time, it’s a great and creative reminder for us to keep social distancing when outside. 

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