Cute little house for a stray cat in Subang by the roadside

Malaysians have unconditional love for stray animals, particularly dogs and cats. Over the years, we have heard many heartwarming stories involving these creatures such as this family that feeds stray dogs every day and this elderly uncle who cycles to feed stray cats in Sungai Besar. This time netizens are enthused and amused by the kind act of a good Samaritan who built a wooden house for a stray cat in Subang Jaya.

Cat house in Subang Jaya goes viral on social media

Stray cat house in Subang Jaya
Image credit: @pamellalah

Yesterday, a TikTok user named @pamellalah posted a video of her surprising discovery of a wooden house built for a stray cat in Subang. The viral video which has garnered over 24,000 likes, 600 shares and 300 comments among netizens shows a little orange house on top of a wooden pallet with a cat in it.

Mimicking the style of a kampung or village house, the stray cat’s cute little home is placed right next to a road. Towards the end of the short clip, the cat could be seen grooming itself as it sat calmly inside the wooden structure.

Malaysians are losing it over adorable cat house with address written on it

Netizens on TikTok find the video especially amusing. Many left comments about the wooden house that was built in a kampung style with an address written on it.

Stray cat Tiktok video comment
Image credit: @pamellalah

TikTok user MalayLady75 is among those who jokingly wrote that she can send food for the cat as there’s already an address on the cat’s house.

Stray cat Tiktok video comment
Image credit: @pamellalah

Meanwhile, another netizen Amalieena thanked the person who built the house for the stray cat. “How adorable,” she wrote.

Stray cat Tiktok video comment
Image credit: @pamellalah

Hara Rashid, one of the earliest commenters of the viral video, said it was her father who built the cat house. Many TikTokers replied to her comment, thanking her father for his kind gesture. Hara also requested that people leave some food for the cat or donate some furniture in her comments. It’s not clear, however, if the cat has already been adopted by anyone.

Stray cat in Subang gets its own little house by the roadside

It is indeed lovable to watch a stray cat getting its own little house and staying protected from harsh weather. Even if you can’t adopt the animals, we encourage everyone to continue to show their love and support for all other stray animals out there by leaving bringing them food or setting up a makeshift shelter to shield them from the elements if you can.

*Note: The Smart Local Malaysia has reached out to netizen @pamellalah for additional comments about this incident. We will update this post later if she gets back to us.

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