MRT bus stuck on road because of inconsiderately parked cars

Cars parked at undesignated spots by the roadside is, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence in Malaysia – whether you’re in a bustling city or suburban area. While the average vehicle and motorcycle can typically squeeze past parked cars and not be inconvenienced by them, it’s not the same case for larger vehicles.

Case in point – this MRT feeder bus was caught on a TikTok video, with its driver honking repeatedly because it was stuck in a narrow car lane due to cars that were parked along the street. Showing Malaysians’ #KitaJagaKita spirit, several passers-by took notice of the bus’s situation and attempted to move the car that was blocking its way by pushing it away.

Passers-by attempt to move parked car to help out stuck MRT feeder bus

Videos of the incident were shared on TikTok by user @haery_dean. The first 55 seconds of the video captured the loud honks of an MRT feeder bus, which was stuck on a cramped 1-lane road because it was unable to squeeze past some cars parked along the side of the road

MRT bus stuck on road due to inconsiderately parked cars - stuck bus
Video adapted from: @haery_dean

The two cars causing the obstruction were parked directly opposite each other, on the two sides of the road – causing the already-narrow lane to be impassible for the large vehicle. 

MRT bus stuck on road due to inconsiderately parked cars - passersby help out
Video adapted from: @haery_dean

Spotting the bus’s struggle, some passers-by who had been observing the situation gathered around the blue car to try and move it out of the way so the bus could pass.

We’re assuming that the people tried to move the car a little closer to the curb, to make more space for the bus to squeeze through. We don’t know if the thoughtful attempt of the passers-by was successful, but the bus driver managed to manoeuvre down the space after that.

MRT bus stuck on road due to inconsiderately parked cars - conclusion
Video adapted from: @haery_dean

In a second video posted by the same TikToker, another MRT bus could be seen trailing just behind the bus that was stuck, as several passers-by stuck around to help guide the buses down the road.

RapidKL reminds others to be more considerate when parking

The event @haery_dean caught on camera was picked up by public transportation provider, Rapid  KL, which shared the video on their Facebook page yesterday, 1st March 2021. Along with the video, they reminded Malaysians to be responsible and to not be an inconvenience to other road users no matter where they are.

MRT bus stuck on road due to inconsiderately parked cars - Rapid KL
Image adapted from: Rapid KL 

Netizens in Rapid KL’s comment section also came out to lament the common situation that they face in their own neighbourhoods, citing irresponsible drivers who don’t parked their cars in designated parking spots, in turn causing inconvenience to other vehicles. They also commended the passers-by who stopped to help the bus.

Stuck MRT bus gets helping hand from passersby 

MRT feeder buses, like many other modes of public transport, follow strict schedules so their passengers know when they can expect to arrive at their destinations, which is why it’s often an inconvenience for bus drivers and passengers alike when faced with delays. We commend those who came out to help the stuck MRT bus, and hope that road users will be more considerate of others when finding a parking spot.

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Cover image adapted from: @haery_dean

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