Stray dog given shelter by mini mart staff

Parts of Malaysia have been experiencing cooler weather of late due to thundery showers. While this means sweater weather for us, our furry friends without a home are left to fend for themselves outdoors.

Thankfully, Malaysians are always looking out for animals so no one gets let behind. These thoughtful mini mart staff, for one, have been earning praise online for sheltering a stray dog that was scared of thunderstorms. A viral photo on Twitter showed the dog resting in the pet food section at the mart, out of the rain and away from the thunder.

Staff shelter dog during heavy thunderstorm

Image credit: Twitter

On 27th February 2022, Twitter account @nabilfikran10 tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post.

The Facebook post consisted of a photo, which showed a stray dog with a black-and-tan coat seeking shelter at an undisclosed 99 Speedmart outlet. The doggo appeared to be deep in sleep atop a pet food rack, in the pet supplies aisle of the mart.

Image credit: Twitter

According to the post on Facebook, the OP had been shopping at a 99 Speedmart outlet when he saw the stray dog. Curious, he asked the staff there about the dog, and was informed that the dog often took shelter inside the store.

The staff also told him that this wasn’t the first incident. The stray dog would often take shelter at their store whenever there were thunderstorms and heavy rains.

Since its posting, the tweet has managed to garner 12,800 retweets and more than 26,000 likes at the time of writing. The original Facebook appears to have been deleted by the original account, but was uploaded on Twitter by user @nabilfikran10, where it caught the attention of netizens.

Netizens praise staff for sheltering stray doggo

In the replies to @nabilfikran10 Twitter post, many netizens applauded the workers and also encouraged others to help stray animals.

Image credit: Twitter

This Twitter user, for one, shared a tweet congratulating the workers for helping the stray dog, while urging the public to be more attentive towards stray animals as they don’t have access to necessities, unlike domesticated pets.

Image credit: Twitter

Sheltering animals is apparently commonly practised by many other convenience stores too.

This Twitter user shared an image of a cat resting atop cardboard boxes, while joking, “This cat has become the new landlord” – presumably because the cat was always spotted at the unnamed store. 

Image credit: Twitter

Another netizen shared how their local 99 Speedmart has a designated feeding space in front of the store for stray animals, with stray cats also found sleeping at the cashier area – showing just how welcoming Malaysians are towards their furry friends.

Image credit: Twitter

However, there were also a few netizens who expressed their discomfort with the sight of strays inside of a convenience store. Some were worried about cleanliness as the mini mart sold food, while others cited religious concerns.

99 Speedmart workers help shelter a stray dog

While many are enjoying the cooler weather, many Malaysians are also affected by the storms and thunders that rainfall brings around. Stray animals are no exception to this situation – like us, they are often scared of thundery storms and howling winds, and may not have a place to go to hide from them.

We hope that Malaysians will continue to be considerate of waifs in public areas, especially during unpredictable atmospheric conditions, like these staff. 

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Cover image adapted from: @nabilfikran10 and 99 Speedmart

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