IIUM students care for stray cats during MCO

IIUM Students Feed Stray CatsImage adapted from: @iium_su & @iium_su

Malaysians have been engaging in all sorts of funny things to kill time at home while adhering to the Movement Control Order (MCO). But it’s not all just fun and games – many have found ways to give back to those on the frontlines and in our communities. And all this is keeping a smile on our faces during these trying times.

This includes students at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), who recently fund-raised RM3785.76 to feed stray cats on their campus while practicing mobility restrictions – showing that no one gets left behind during MCO.

Students pay it forward while on limited mobility

IIUM has been observing MCO by advising staff to stay home and students to remain at their dorms to adhere to community guidelines. While parents have been worried about their kids being away from home, they’ve been receiving food donations and essentials, including hand sanitisers and even sanitary pads, to help them get by.

Students given food
Students practicing MCO on IIUM campus have been receiving bags of food from donors
Image adapted from: @marressanasini

Deciding to dedicate their free time to a good cause, IIUM’s Student Union posted a shoutout on Twitter on 23rd March 2020 for their community to send donations to feed hungry cats and kittens on their campus grounds that have been left without food or water.

IIUM fundraises for cat food
IIUM Student Union calling upon their community on Twitter to send in donations
Image credit: @iium_su

Money raised to feed stray cats on campus

Cat food purchased
Image credit: @iium_su

In a tweet posted by Zamzamil M. Nasir, who’s in charge of this initiative, IIUM students had generously donated RM3,785.76 to feed hungry kitties hanging around their dorms.

Cat food in car
Image credit: @iium_su

The money was used to purchase over 20 bags of cat food on 24th March, and with 42 volunteers on deck, every cat was found and given a proper meal.

Stray cats fedImage adapted from: @iium_su

A cat was even sent to vet to be cared for

Cat sent to vet
Image adapted from: @iium_su

A volunteer even went the extra mile to send a hurt kitty named Abu to the vet to be cared for after it was bitten by another cat.

IIUM students feed stray cats while on MCO

There’s no doubt that some of us are starting to feel cabin fever as we slowly dwindle away our snack piles and Netflix recommendations. But with that extra time on our hands, get creative during this time and see what there is to do around us like the students at IIUM did. It’s kind acts like this that bring much-needed smiles while continue staying at home till 14th April 2020.

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