Giant doll from Squid Game at Sunway Pyramid

We have all most likely heard of Squid Game by now. The survival Korean drama is the most-watched series on Netflix in 90 countries, including Malaysia where merchandise dupes from the show have even popped up on Shopee due to its popularity.

Local spots such as Sunway Pyramid have also joined in on the show’s hype by editing its characters into a photo of their mall to “scare” shoppers into following Covid-19 safety measures. While this already elicited plenty of fun reactions from Malaysians, the mall now has a replica of the show’s giant doll at its premises for photo ops too.

Snap photos with Squid Game’s giant doll

Squid Game at Sunway Pyramid - photo spot
Image credit: John Gullidge

Squid Game fans were surprised to learn that the giant doll that has been terrifying viewers actually exists in South Korea – and it’s missing a right hand.

A little closer to home in Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid shopping mall now has a Squid Game pop-up with a replica of the same giant doll from the Netflix hit. The doll comes complete with her ubiquitous towering height, and outfit consisting of school-girl pigtails, an orange dress, and yellow blouse.

Squid Game at Sunway Pyramid - doll Image credit: John Gullidge

The giant doll in Malaysia stands overlooking shoppers in an atrium at Sunway Pyramid’s lower ground floor, just across a Zara outlet and a stone’s throw from a Costa Coffee stall. Making an appearance at the mall too are two pink-clad soldiers from the show, and the mannequins are standing just next to the doll – giving shoppers the feeling that they are being watched while they’re shopping here.

Squid Game at Sunway Pyramid - entrance
Image credit: John Gullidge

The mall’s main entrance has also been given a Squid Game facelift, with a cardboard cutout of the giant doll now standing there to “greet” shoppers, reminding them to observe standard operating procedures (SOPs) as they enter the mall.

What looks to be physical distancing markers on the floors now also reference the show in the form of red circles, triangles and squares.

Squid Game at Sunway Pyramid - markersImage credit: John Gullidge

Score freebies from Korean stores in the mall too

On Sunday, 10th October 2021, Sunway Pyramid shared a post on their social media accounts hinting at the Squid Game pop-up. In an update on their website, it states that there’ll be several activities and freebies surrounding the show that shoppers can be part of and redeem from 13th October to 31st October 2021 for Halloween.

There will be staff dressed as pink-clad soldiers helping remind shoppers of SOPs at entrances, and handing out ‘Squid Game invitation cards‘ to lucky shoppers at the atrium too. These cards lets shoppers redeem a complimentary Squid Game Corndog (RM10.90) at MyungRang, on a while-stocks-last basis. They can be used to score discounts at participating Korean beauty stores and restaurants in the mall, such as Sulwhasoo, Kfry, and Innisfree. 

The mall will be holding an online contest too, where 50 selected winners will be able to win a Netflix Gift Code after snapping a photo with the giant doll and posting it online.

For more information on these deals and contest, click here.

Squid Game at Sunway Pyramid - photosImage credit: John Gullidge

The space is already visible for eager fans wanting to take photos of the doll and characters from the show, with Netflix also hinting at a surprise at the mall on their official Facebook page. In the post, they shared that those who show up at Sunway Pyramid may be “given a special card…with special perks” if shoppers spot their Squid Game officers.

Squid Game pop-up at Sunway Pyramid

It looks like the hype surrounding Squid Game is here to stay – which is, no doubt, a treat for followers of the series. This Squid Game pop-up at Sunway Pyramid, which is bringing the show to life for fans, is not to be missed out for anyone wanting to take photos with the doll and characters from the show.

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