Congratulations to SPM students

SPM results cover pic
SPM results 2019
Image adapted from: @adriannmark and @ourfoodlog

It’s an exciting time for 2002-ers as their SPM results were released yesterday on 5th March 2020. To many of these youths, today is both the end and the start of a new chapter in their lives, so it’s no surprise that celebrations are underway. 

Many of these Gen Zs chose to celebrate over social media, where they could update their following and post funny memes about the whole affair. 

#SPM2019 trending on Twitter

It appears that everyone is still riding out the post-SPM high as #SPM2019 has been on Twitter’s top trending for almost the entirety of yesterday. In fact, social media was blowing up with jokes and memes, proving that these youths have a hilarious side to them.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Faizal Rosly posted a series of photos on the top 4 answers to the question “How’s your SPM result?” The photos below were taken from album covers on Spotify and they read “Everything I ever wanted”, “Berserah” or give up, “Sakit” or pain, and “Better than you”. 

Another Twitter user, Tok Ketua, posted about the difference in the number of people who wish you good luck for SPM in comparison to those who bombard you with questions about your results. 

SPM 2019 Twitter comment (1)
Image credit: @soyadanial

Zafran Zuhdie shared his own hilarious meme, alluding to Chatime’s SPM promotion where students could redeem a free cup for every ‘A’ on their SPM slip. He said in the caption, “RIP Chatime”, as one can only imagine how many free cups of bubble tea they had to give out yesterday. 

Twitter comment (2)
Image adapted from: @zafranzuhdie

Balqisew’s post 2 days before the release of SPM results showed how anxious students were coping through a series of 3 photos. The captions that followed each image translates to “a sad expression”, “can’t eat till full”, “always daydreaming”. 

Chatime SPM 2019 promo (1)
Image adapted from: @balqisew

Top-scorers share their joy

The top-scorers for 2019’s SPM deserve a special shout-out for all the hard work they’ve put in. Even though an exam doesn’t determine your future successes, we can definitely say that these high achievers are on the right track. 

A Twitter user who goes by the username of loeygranger shared a reaction video of herself checking her results online. Although she was noticeably nervous at the start of the video, she soon burst into a fit of giggles and almost jumped out of her chair after realising that she had gotten straight As.

SPM reaction gif
Image adapted from: @loeygranger

In recent months, there has been a trending joke on Twitter where people would post photos of what they would like to happen in reality and a caption that goes along the line of “no offence but [what they want to happen] would suck”. The reason behind it is that there’s a chance that it might actually happen. 

Leia was one of the many who tried this move, and she’s one of the few who can say that it works. In an update yesterday, Leia shared that she got straight As in her SPM and posted a heartwarming photo of her dad hugging her. 

SPM Twitter comment (3)
Image adapted from: @stylesmcvie

In another tweet about Chatime’s SPM promotion, Farah Nabilah shared a screenshot of her friend’s IG story. The receipt shows that her friend redeemed 8 free drinks from Chatime after getting 8As. 

Chatime SPM 2019 Promo (2)
Image credit: @fanab_

SPM-leavers can officially kick-off celebrations

Today marks the end of an 11-year long journey for the 2002-ers who’ve painstakingly sat through a total of 3 national exams since primary school. Before you begin thinking about the future, it’s good to take some time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. 

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