Cows social distance at Bank Islam in Klang

Social distancing cows at bank
Image adapted from: @NadiaAzlan

Before Movement Control Order (MCO) was set in place, many of us had been making that trip out to Klang for its famous bak kut teh. But as we’re staying at home for a good cause now, it has since become famous for another thing: cows on the loose.

This was highlighted on Twitter by a video showing a herd of cows gathering outside a bank in Klang. It has been having the internet in stitches with jokes on social distancing cows trying to get money from the Economic Stimulus Package (BPN) that leaves no one behind. And it isn’t the first time that cows were spotted doing human-like activities in Klang either.

Cows spotted “lining up” outside bank

The video was shared online by Twitter user Nadia Azlan on 16th April 2020 while she was at a Bank Islam branch in Bukit Tinggi, Klang. While the rest of us usually see busy humans trying to deposit and cash out money at ATMs, she was greeted by a black cow waiting outside the door. 

Cow outside bank doors
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As she steps further outside the bank, the cow is seen with a company of 3 other large cows waiting behind it. Nadia jokes about spotting these “customers” eagerly lining up even in the bank’s corridor to get their BPN money, and hoping that the bank tellers can speed up their services before it closes. 

Company of cows
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Not the end of the unusual story, these 4 cows are seen practicing social distancing while “lining up” outside the bank. A customer can even easily enter the bank from the polite gap that they have between them. 

Social distancing cows at bank
Image adapted from
: @NadiaAzlan

Out-and-about cows a common sight in Klang

Cows spotted shopping at 99 Mart
Cows seen wandering inside a 99 Speedmart in Klang.
Image adapted from: @NST_Online

Cows carrying out human activities aren’t a new sight in Klang even before the MCO. 2 brown cows were seen “shopping” inside a 99 Speedmart at Taman Sentosa, Klang back in February 2019, as reported by New Straits Times

A year later, another Twitter user shared a sighting of cows in a herd travelling on roads in Klang. In a twist of events, cars are making way for them on the fast lane. Motorbikes are also captured in the video whizzing past them without pausing, like it’s a usual sight there.

Cows on road
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For those curious, these frequent cow sightings in Klang are not without a backstory. They are presumably from illegal farm sheds that were shut down by officials in February 2020, with mutual agreement from its farmers, as reported by The Star.

Social-distancing cows seen at bank

The weird and the funny have been keeping us all entertained online during MCO. Now a new addition has been made with these social distancing cows at the bank. And it’s even making the internet applaud these creatures for sticking to 1-metre measures and setting an example that’s more than necessary to keep our streets virus-free for the long run now. 

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