Smartwatches & smartbands in Malaysia  

Having yet another gizmo to charge sounds like something many of us would rather avoid. But smartwatches and bands have become popular wearable devices in Malaysia, as they’ve proven to be useful to have around in our lives – especially so now that we’re trying to stay healthier after sitting around in our homes for long periods of time during the MCO.

Just as smartphones have evolved into something we never leave our homes without, smartwatches and smartbands available in Malaysia now pack a series of competitive features too. To help you choose one that suits your lifestyle, we rounded up 8 smartwatches and bands that everyone – from overachievers at work and school, to those who are simply adding another accessory to their OOTD – will need. 

Differences between smartwatches and smartbands

Lines that divide a smartwatch from a smartband can be blurry. To the uninitiated, they’re both wearable devices that you strap on your wrist. But once you narrow down your options and think about what you want to get out of these devices, the differences between their features become clear.

A smartband is essentially for those trying to keep to their fitspo goals, as it operates as a watch with added health-focused features such as health monitoring, and calories and step trackers. A smartwatch, likewise, is able to do all of this but acts like an extension of your phone, with features such as downloadable apps, and call and message notifications. 

So read on if you’re looking to get either one for yourself. 

– Smartwatches –

1. Xiaomi Mi Watch – for the old soul who prefers classic watch designs

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Xiaomi
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When we think of smartwatches, we mostly think of square-faced ones with screens that match our smartphones. But Xiaomi’s Mi Watch keeps to the classic, round watch frame – but with added features to keep its wearer in the loop with their health stats and in convenient reach of messaging apps and music controls.

The watch also comes in lightweight at 32g, which means you can barely feel it on your wrist. Coupled with interchangeable straps – you get beige, navy blue, and black straps with your watch, and can purchase green, yellow, or orange straps separately – and over a 100 watch face displays, you’ll be rocking a new look everyday. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Xiaomi
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Mi Watch also has a host of health-related features, such as blood oxygen test, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, breathing training, sleep tracking and stress monitoring among others. Also included are a whopping 117 workout modes, which doesn’t leave out lesser-known ways of staying fit such as ice skating and parkour among classic ones of yoga, cycling, and hiking.  

The always-on display will come in handy while you’re tracking your movements during a workout sesh.

The watch also comes with a built-in GPS so you can map your routine accurately. Find music controls, phone finder, and phone notifications, as well as classic clock functions of compass, altimeter, and barometer all stored in this nifty device. 

The watch battery can last at least 2 days on a single charge if you utilise its many features. It’ll last 16 days on a single charge if you just use the basic clock function. 

Those looking for a more budget-friendly smartwatch can also check out their Mi Watch Lite (RM249), the more affordable version of this model. While it sticks to the classic square-face design, it comes at half the price of the Mi Watch, but with comparable features of 11 workout modes, GPS, breathing, sleep, and heart rate monitoring, and changeable straps.

Price: From RM469

Shop online for Xiaomi products on Shopee or Lazada, or in-store at locations here

2. Amazfit GTS 2 – for the fashionista who likes to switch things up

If you’re one who likes to match your watches to your outfits, consider purchasing Amazfit’s GTS 2e. Aside from its slim and sleek, borderless glass watch face, it comes with straps in trendy shades of Lilac Purple, Moss Green, and Obsidian Black, that’ll match almost any outfit. Its customisable watch faces mean that you’ll also get to put any image from your phone’s photo gallery on display on your wrist. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Amazfit
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Those with busy schedules will be thrilled to know that this watch will last you up to 7 days of typical use on a single charge – an impressive feat for a smartwatch with its list of features. This means leaving its round-the-clock tracking features, such as heart rate tracker, blood oxygen tests, and stress monitoring, turned on and taking full advantage of Bluetooth phone notifications and 90 sport modes – including instant recognition of common ones such as swimming, running, and walking. 

As the smartphone receives notifications from your phone and keeps track of personal data, you can set up a numerical password for it too. Once you take it off, it’ll automatically lock as well. 

Its thoughtful 180 degrees screen mode means lefties as well as right-handed people who wear their watches on their dominant hands can seamlessly integrate this device into their lives. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Amazfit
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Amazfit also has a smartwatch for women: GTS 2 Mini (RM399). This watch is similar to the GTS 2e, but it’s more affordable, smaller in size, and lighter in weight at just 19.5g. The only noticeable differences are that it comes with over 70 sports modes instead of 90, and runs on 14 days of typical usage on a single charge. 

The GTS 2 Mii also comes with added features such as Female Cycle Tracking. While most smartwatches will be able to track this manually by monitoring your heart rate, this feature makes it easier for you to do so. Simply key in the date of your recent menstrual period, and it’ll do the rest of predicting your next cycle, as well as fertile periods. With more uses, your watch will be more on-point with future cycles. 

Price: From RM399

Shop online for Amazfit products on Shopee, or check out their website

3. Huawei Watch GT2e – for the avid music listener with albums on rotation 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Huawei
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Spotify is where most of us go to stream our favourite music. But Huawei’s Watch GT2e is a treat for avid music listeners who prefer getting analog albums and downloading tracks off them. You’ll get to store over 500 songs on this smartwatch and play them offline, away from your phone. All you have to do is to pair your bluetooth earphones straight to this smartwatch to make public transportation rides and workouts a little more convenient. 

The smartwatch also allows you to switch songs, control the volume, and pick your favourite tracks too. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Huawei
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The Watch GT2e comes in Graphite Black and Mint Green, with a circular watch frame made of durable stainless steel for everyday use. Apart from features music listeners will love, it features standard health monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen, as well 85 workout modes such as indoor running, pool swimming, and indoor walking. 

Your phone will have to be close by for these features to work, but the upside is that you’ll get real-time notifications for calls, messages, emails, and reminders. You’ll also be able to access your phone finder, and a photo snap function that lets you take photos with your smartwatch when you raise your hand – it’ll countdown from 5 seconds, just enough for you to pull off your best poses for a selfie or group photos. 

Price: From RM599

Shop online at Huawei on Shopee or Lazada, or check out their website.

4. Fitbit Versa 3 – for the sporty individual always on the go

As we’re heavily reliant on our gadgets, it’s become something of a nightmare to be running late for an appointment only to find out when you’re leaving your house that your gadget isn’t charged.

If this is a legit fear of yours, consider getting Fitbit’s Versa 3, which only needs about 12 minutes to charge it up for a full day of use.

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Fitbit
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According to reviews online, a full charge will last you up to 5 days, even with heavy use of the watch’s functions.

While Fitbit watches come in at pretty steep prices compared to other smartwatches on the market, they do have nifty features unique to higher-range smartwatches. 

Fitbit Versa 3’s features include a built-in microphone that lets you take calls straight from your smartwatch. It also has Bluetooth connection so you can take your calls using your earphones or earbuds. Phone calls work on both Android and iPhone, but only the former allows you to respond to messages by speaking into your smartwatch. 

The watch also stores music and podcasts with Deezer and Pandora, both online music streaming services, and connects to Spotify so you can easily hit play on your playlists. To make things even easier for those always in a time crunch, the smartwatch comes equipped with a voice assistant.

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Fitbit
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Other features you’ll get in this smartwatch are built-in GPS, 24/7 heart rate tracker, and health monitoring. Its sleep tracker is also one of the most accurate ones on the market, as it comes with advanced tracking tools. This includes bedtime reminders, and silent alarms that’ll wake you up with a slight buzz to your wrist so you can skip out on those pesky alarm alerts.

By wearing your Fitbit to sleep, you’ll get insights on your sleeping patterns, including when you’re awake, restless, or in deep sleep. This’ll help restless night owls form better sleeping habits, as it provides info on how you can improve your sleep based on the insights logged in when your head hits the pillow. 

Price: RM1,148

Shop online for Fitbit on Shopee or Lazada

5. realme Watch S – for the hustler who has it all together

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - realme
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If you’re thinking of stepping foot into the smartwatch world, realme’s Watch S is an affordable option packing a whole bunch of features great for hustlers who want everything at a glance. 

You’ll be able to receive notifications for calls and messages, as well as apps including Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. There are also 16 sports modes, including basketball, badminton, and running, and even a meditation feature

This meditation feature is a simple, yet useful, one that reminds users to inhale and exhale – great for when you’re feeling the burden of the day on your shoulders, and need to centre yourself to get back on track with work. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - realme
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Appearance wise, this new realme watch is an upgrade from its previous model. The changeable strap feature has stuck around, but it newly introduces a round frame made with an aluminum alloy case that gives the watch a sleeker look. Like its previous model, you’ll also have the same 100-and-counting watch faces to customise your watch, and smart controls to control your music and take photos remotely.

Also find packed within are features such as health and sleep monitoring, calories, distance, and steps counters, and movement, water reminders, alarm and goal completion reminders.

According to reviews online, this smartwatch is able to last a week of use on a single charge. To get the most out of it, simply turn on the power saving mode, which disables all but the clock function.

Price: RM369

Shop online at realme on Shopee or Lazada, or check out their website here

6. Oppo Watch 46mm – for the overachiever always connected to a screen

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Oppo
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For those who find it hard to peel yourself away from your phone – or have to remain in the loop for your job – Oppo’s Watch 46mm has LTE connectivity that lets you pick up phone calls without your phone around so you’ll never miss a call. There’s also a quick reply for messages, where you’ll have the option to answer texts from your watch by simply speaking into its built-in mic. 

Apple users will have to sit out on the fun, however, as it only works on Android phones because the watch operate osn Google’s Wear OS, an operating system made just for smartwatches by Google.

This watch also has 8GB of storage space for you to download additional apps such as Spotify, Telegram, and Google Maps to use on the go, together with its list of pre-installed apps such as weather, alarm, and health monitoring.

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Oppo
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Oppo’s Watch 46mm is available in black or gold, and with interchangeable straps. But going beyond colours and straps is its AI imaging algorithm that’ll make your smartwatch fit any outfit. What this feature does is generate a watch face to match your outfit – all you have to do is download the app HeyTap, take a photo of your OOTD, and your device will do the rest. 

The battery lasts for 36 hours with heavy use, and if you’re in power saving mode with just basic features of the clock available, it’ll last you 21 days after a full charge. But no worries, as flash charging means a 15-minute charge can let your smartwatch last you a whole day.

Other quick fixes for busy bees is their 5-minute workout mode. If you find it hard to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule, there is a quick workout app pre-installed on the smartwatch. You’ll get animated instructions that will ask you to take on quick laps lunges and shoulder stretches to start and end your day, and a fat blaster quick workout sesh. It also has over 90 sports modes for less-busy days.

Price: RM899

Shop online at Oppo on Shopee or Lazada.

– Smartbands –

7. Garmin Vivofit 4 – for the busy bee who often misplaces their belongings

If you consider yourself a scatterbrain, or just want to skip out on having to charge yet another gadget in your life, Garmin’s Vivofit 4 is a convenient smartwatch with a battery made to last for a year – no charges needed. 

It runs on 2 replaceable SR43 batteries and you’ll need to use a screwdriver to remove 4 screws on the device behind its case that holds it in place.

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Garmin
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While simple in design – with just a silicone band and a sunlight-visible 11x11mm screen with an always-on display – Garmin’s Vivofit 4 comes equipped with features that make ditching your charging cords worth it. Find standard features of time and date, alarm, timer, and stopwatch, and other nifty ones such as sleep monitoring, phone finder, accelerometer, and trackers for calories burned and distance travelled.

It also gives off movement reminders, which notify wearers of inactivity – great for busy bees dedicated to their 9-5s during the weekdays. You’ll have to walk for a good 2 minutes or so to get rid of the audible alert. 

The Move IQ function on this band recognises what activity you’re taking on, and coupled with an inactivity sensor, it automatically studies your activity levels and sets a daily step goal to spur you on to be fitter the next day.

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Garmin
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As Garmin also has a series of kid-friendly watches – with designs made in collaboration with brands such as Disney and Marvel – there’s a Kid Activity Tracking feature, which connects your device to your little ones’ watches to track their activity throughout the day. 

The Toe-to-Toe Challenges available on this band also make working out with your loved ones more fun. Pair 2 Garmin bands via Bluetooth to engage in a fun step challenge. A countdown will start, and based on how many steps the wearer makes in the 2-minute duration of each challenge, a winner will be announced. 

Price: RM370

Shop online at Garmin on Shopee or Lazada

8. Honor Band 5 – for the bargain hunter on a budget

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Honor
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Another affordable option on this list is HONOR’s Band 5, which comes in just slightly over RM100. Nonetheless, it has a plethora of functions that combine the best of smartwatches and smart bands. Setting it aside from typical bands, it features a touchscreen display, message reminders, phone finder function, remote picture taking, and music and volume control, along with health monitoring and trackers.

Honor’s app and remote music control is only available on Android phones for now, and for apps such as Shazam, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

You’ll have to navigate your way through this watch and its features by swiping up and down on the narrow screen – which may be small for some. But as it’s pretty lightweight, at just over 22g, which will light on the wrist. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Honor
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If you’re solely using this as a watch, sans its nifty features, your band will last up to a week on a single charge. If you’re taking full advantage of it and utilising its sleep and health monitoring features, as well as its 24-hour heart rate monitor, it’ll last you 5 days at the very least. 

Another convenient feature that makes using this band a breeze is the convenience of charging it. Simply detach the strap and plug in your watch straight into a USB port. 

While it only comes in blue, black, and pink straps, Honor’s watch face store has over 50 retro, fun, and neon-lit faces that you can download all for free to add another colourful touch to your band.

Price: RM129

Shop online at Honor on Shopee, or check out their website here.


Imoo – for those keeping an eye on their little ones

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Imoo
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Those with little ones probably thought long and hard about getting gizmos for them so they can be contacted when they aren’t by our sides. But the distraction that comes with most gadgets is often a concern for most parents. Cue Imoo’s Watch Phone Z5. This smartwatch acts just like a phone, as it supports 4G LTE networks from local operators including Maxis, Celcom and Digi, but sans any downloadable apps. 

Smartwatches and bands in Malaysia - Imoo
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Along with useful features such as step count, alarm clock, audio calls, and group chats, there’s also a class mode. Parents can turn on this function via the Imoo app – available on Google Play and Apple stores – when their kids are in class or catching up on homework. It disables all the features on this smartwatch, leaving behind only a clock display and ability to make phone calls. 

In case of emergencies, the smartwatch also comes with locating services. And while it may seem like just a simple device to the naked eye, it also packs a wide-angle camera for video calls, and for your little ones to capture their moments with just the press of a button. This safety-first, classroom-friendly gadget also comes with pink or green frames and bands. . 

Price: From RM359

Shop online at Imoo on Shopee or Lazada. 

Stylish smartwatches and smartbands in Malaysia

We’re ready to embrace new technologies, especially if it means we’re able to better manage our time or keep track of our fitness and health through them. This is where smartwatches and smart bands step in as convenient tools that help us do so with minimal fuss. 

So while seeing a doctor is always recommended for any serious health issues, smartwatches and bands help keep a doctor’s visit away – all while adding pops of colour to our outfits, and making our lives a little easier. 

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