Street art in small Seremban village has cute pop culture references

Image adapted from: Lily Sam

Street art is fast becoming part and parcel of Malaysia’s culture. With the likes of famous murals in Penang making headlines time and time again, it’s safe to say that any ‘hood can be jazzed up with some artwork.

A group of anonymous artists have given Seremban’s Mambau New Village a quirky makeover with various murals along the street that reference popular characters from Disney, Marvel, and even Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob appears to be peeking unhappily from a kerb
Image credit: Lily Sam

The village is located about 14km southwest of Seremban central.

Cheeky Seremban street art comes to life

On 12 Jul, Lily Sam, a resident of the now cheeky and vibrant village, shared pictures of the murals on a Facebook post that has since garnered over 1,000 shares. The art installations were a surprise that residents didn’t see coming — and they’re still in the midst of locating all of them. 

Flash, the fan-favourite sloth from Zootopia
Image credit: Lily Sam

While England has Banksy, an anonymous street artist whose works are recognised worldwide, Seremban seems to be fostering their own group of talented artists as well. 

One of Banksy’s most popular artworks — a girl reaching out for a heart balloon
Image credit: Amazon

Much like Banksy’s mysterious identity, no one knows who left Mambau New Village’s murals behind. It may very well be the village’s best kept secret.

It looks like the Avengers paid Seremban a visit
Image credit from: Lily Sam

Dash from The Incredibles wants to play hopscotch
Image credit: Lily Sam

You can view the full album here.

Malaysia’s new charming mural village 

We’re sure residents of Mambau New Village will be welcoming a lot more tourists into their newly-decorated neighbourhood. Penang and Melaka have been embracing murals for a while now and they’re widely acknowledged as part of the town’s identity. 

A vibrant mural in George Town, Penang
Image credit: Penang

And it looks like Seremban might be joining the ranks very soon, since these murals offer a unique and more playful angle to local street art. 

If you’re planning on going for a short road trip yourself, be careful not to damage the murals while you photograph them. Once you’re done with your photoshoot, you can grab a siew pao – one of Seremban’s signature delicacy – and enjoy them on your ride back home!

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