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Malaysian girl forgets to keep her sea snails covered so they try to escape

When you buy seafood for dinner, you wouldn’t exactly expect your meal-to-be to make a getaway. But that’s exactly what happened in the case of a lady and her basket of wild sea snails. 

Image credit: @ohitstranger

It sounds like something right out of a cartoon, but she forgot to cover the basket of freshly bought sea snails, went out, and came back to find the critters crawling all over the kitchen walls. At first glance, you would even think it was just aged wallpaper.


This incident was like something out of a scene in The Little Mermaid, where Sebastian the crab tried to escape a grisly death
Image credit: Sarah’s Adventures

She forgot to cover the basket

On Monday (15 July), a Twitter user by the name of Manis shared a series of photos that show the little snails escaping the bowl and making their way up her wall. You can even spot a few at the highest point of the wall, just short of the ceiling!

Image credit: @ohitstranger

Her post in Malay translates as:

When you buy sea snails for dinner, but forget to cover the bowl…

It must’ve been a busy day for her considering she not only forgot to place a lid on the bowl, but only came back when the snails were already out and about. 

Netizens commented on her slimy situation

Shortly after Manis shared this hilarious incident onto the platform, it caught the attention of fellow Twitter users. Everyone seemed to have something to say about the amusing situation. After all, it’s not everyday that you catch an escargatoire of snails on your wall, especially when they’re meant to be your dinner.


Image credit: @sanosini_

His tweet – in reference to Gary the snail from Spongebob – can be translated as:

Oh no, Gary brought his gang over.


Image credit: @zhantafa

Is this supposed to be a competition to see which snail can escape the furthest? 

Escaping sea snails have a mind of their own

If anything, this incident has proven that snails can be a little mischievous. So do take proper precautions to ensure that your dinner won’t try to run away from you. We’re not sure whether Manis managed catch ‘em all, though. We hope her dinner purchase wasn’t for naught.


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