Mother sets up school routine for her kids at home

The pandemic has forced many of us to reinvent our own spaces now that we’re working, exercising, and learning at home. It can get disorienting to bring different areas of our lives into the same space, especially for kids who have always known the comfort of associating a certain routine to a specific place.

Schools may be closed, but a mother from Shah Alam decided to introduce a school routine for her kids at home regardless – complete with school uniforms, recess time, organisation chart, and all.

Kids have designated desks and are head-to-toe in school uniforms

Nur Salina's kids writing notes on their desk
Image credit: Nur Salina

Nur Salina took to Facebook to share her approach when it comes to home-schooling her kids, much to the delight of netizens. She made multiple posts detailing her effort and her kids’ shenanigans.

The second one posted on 21st January showing her kids clothed head-to-toe in full school uniform and obediently taking down notes from the whiteboard at their designated desks.

Nur Salina's kids reciting prayers
Image credit: Nur Salina

As if the resemblances to a real classroom weren’t uncanny enough, the imaginative mother even took to getting her kids to sing the Negaraku and Duli Yang Maha Mulia – Selangor’s state anthem.

They also had to recite the Muslim morning prayers, exactly like a typical Monday perhimpunan on a normal school day.

Recess time has a menu with prices listed down

Nur Salina's canteen menu
Image credit: Nur Salina

Of course, the one thing kids look forward to the most during a school day is none other than recess time. Nur Salina made sure to not exclude this sliver of leisure time for them and even designed a real-life canteen setting.

Her latest post shared on 25th January showed pictures of typical school canteen food and snacks that kids will usually buy, such as nasi lemak, curry puffs, fried noodles, sandwiches, Milo, syrup, and soft drinks.

Nur Salina's kids lining up to buy food
Image credit: Nur Salina

The “canteen” was made all the more realistic with a menu with prices listed down for the kids’ reference. In fact, the children also had to line up and purchase their food with real money!

Mother praised for her home-schooling efforts

Home-learning is not an easy task for a parent to overtake, but Nur Salina certainly took it in her stride and even made it a point to make it as interesting, conducive, and fun as possible for her kids.

In spite of this, parents who are struggling with their kids’ home-learning shouldn’t feel defeated if they can’t provide such a space. After all, we make do with what we have. Trying our best amidst these chaotic times is a win on its own.

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Cover image adapted from: Nur Salina and Nur Salina

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