YouTuber makes generous donation to local seller

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller

The Movement Control Order has been a tough fight for all Malaysians. Many have been trying hard to stay afloat, with well-known businesses and roadside stall owners all sharing in the struggle of making ends meet.

There’ve been plenty of stories of good deeds floating around and restoring our faith in humanity. The list continues on with Malaysian YouTuber Azfar Badrul who bought 3 jars of sambal for RM600 from a local seller in need of medical treatment, even though they were only worth RM34 altogether. 

Sambal seller breaks down in tears from generous deed

Azfar Badrul’s video clip was shared on Twitter by netizen @haizel90 on 11th August 2020, where it garnered over 16,000 likes and retweets at the time of writing. It showed Azfar handing over folded RM50 notes to a local sambal seller for jars of his homemade Sambal Bilis Sarina Gojess that he had requested to pay for in person. 

The seller can be seen breaking down in tears upon receiving the bills, presumably because the money he received amounted to RM600, way more than what Azfar’s purchase was worth.

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller - Twitter
“I just sell sambal only”
Image credit: @haizel90

Regular do-gooder brings tears to local seller’s eyes

The original video posted on Azfar’s official YouTube channel reveals the backstory to the whole affair. Called “I Cried Seeing This Brother’s Struggle”, Azfar shared that he had reached out to the seller after his viewers told him that he was a dad of 5 who was selling packed food around Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller - sambal containers
Image credit: YouTube / AZFAR BADRUL

Upon meeting up with him, the man shared with Azfar that he and his wife were in the business of selling packed sambal after he lost his job. They were doing so to try to pay off the education fees for their children accumulated over the past 8 months.

They have 2 helpers lending them a hand by selling jars of sambal outside a Maybank in the area too.

The man also mentioned that he is also on medication for a gastric-related illness and hadn’t been able to afford proper hospital treatment for his condition.

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller - man breaks down
Image credit: YouTube / AZFAR BADRUL

Around the 10-minute mark of the video, he can be seen overcome with emotion after sharing his story and receiving the RM600 from Azfar, along with words of encouragement that Azfar imparted to him.

Netizens touched by the generous deed

Netizens were more than touched by the sight, with many flooding @haizel90’s re-sharing of the video on his Twitter account. Many came out to admit that they shed tears over seeing the video, including Twitter user @nqmlxirfn who provided a helpful infographic on how he felt.

It shows a humorous pie chart titled with the question “Did I cry”, with 100% of the chart indicating “Yes”.

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller - twitter comment 1
Image adapted from: @nqmlxirfn

Another netizen even asked the generous YouTuber to include a warning along with his videos so viewers can “standby tissues”.

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller - twitter comment 2
Image adapted from: @luckilybaby

Some chipped in wanting to support the local sambal seller too, including netizen @AinulNunanaa who responded, “Who is this brother? I want to buy his sambal. Goodness, [I] look at his face [and] I cry.”

M'sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller - twitter comment 3
Image adapted from: @AinulNunanaa

M’sian YouTuber helps out local sambal seller

This isn’t the first time Azfar has brought smiles to struggling Malaysians too. Several videos already uploaded to his YouTube channel documents how he’s helped out local sellers with money he generates from views and sponsorships on his channel, which has over 500,000 subscribers.

This deed involving a sambal seller is another addition to his list, and with a touching outcome that shows us that supporting local businesses and helping neighbours out can go a long way at this time.

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Cover image adapted from: YouTube / AZFAR BADRUL



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