Rumah kayu transforms into a modern space after makeover

renovated home in malaysia
This old rumah kayu is transformed into a modern living space with traditional touches after being passed down to the next generation
Image adapted from: Yanie Syafiin

No shame if you have a Pinterest board labelled “dream home”, because chances are most of us have spent some time staring off into the wall while fantasising about what our future homes would look like. It also helps that daydreams don’t cost us a single cent.

Recently, home projects have been taking over social media by storm with stunning before-and-after photos that tempt Malaysians into tackling a big renovation project for themselves. One, in particular, has received an overwhelming response for its tasteful makeover on a traditional rumah kayu.

A beautiful merger of traditional and modern elements

Dekorasi Viral is a Facebook page that shares home makeover projects submitted by Malaysians who are interested in having their beautiful homes featured. On 9th May 2020, the page shared several before and after photos of Yanie Syafiin‘s home that quickly garnered over 9,500 shares on the social media page.

original facebook post
Image adapted from: Dekorasi Viral

The caption in Malay can be translated as “A traditional house inherited from their deceased parents. From its previous run-down and derelict condition, the home is now a paradise for the family members”.

rumah kayu before makeover (1)
Image adapted from: Yanie Syafiin

From the old photos of the house, we can see that it wasn’t in the best shape. The floor was littered with scraps of paper and furniture pieces that were strewn everywhere; the windows had missing panels; the ceiling was bulging, and loose wires were hanging from above.

rumah kayu before makeover (2)
The floors were even torn apart and formed a hole
Image credit: Yanie Syafiin

However, after a lot of hard work and careful planning, the space was completely transformed into the stunning new home it is now.

rumah kayu after makeover (1)
The living room comes decked with chairs, sofas, and even comfortable rugs to cater to large gatherings or reunions
Image credit: Yanie Syafiin

The walls and floor were all re-done and given a fresh coat of paint to help really brighten the space. Yanie’s family’s choice in decorations and furniture also complemented the traditional rumah kayu while introducing more modern elements to the living area.

rumah kayu after makeover (2)
Image credit: Yanie Syafiin

The pastel walls, wooden furniture, and traditional motifs are reminiscent of Nyonya shophouses that we still see along the streets of Melaka today. The interior is a nod to nostalgic childhood memories of living in a kampung while still maintaining a modern flair to it.

Netizens fawn over house makeover

Netizens couldn’t help swooning over what a good job Yanie and her family did with her parents’ old house. Here are some of the best comments:

Doddey applauded the house owners for successfully transforming a traditional wooden house into what it has become now. He also said that aspiring renovators just need to be willing to learn and do their research so that they too can have a home they’re proud of.

facebook comment (1)
Image adapted from: Doddey WH

Hamami gushed over the makeover before talking about the importance of fostering good relationships with our siblings so that we can host fun gatherings and reunions even in the far future.

facebook comment (2)
Image adapted from: Hamaimi Hj Ariff

Successful home makeover parents would be proud of

We’re sure Yanie’s parents couldn’t be more proud of their children’s efforts in renovating the old family home. After all, they’ve successfully given the house a new lease of life and we hope that it will continue to shelter many more generations to come.

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