Penang uncle selling roti kaya raised 3 successful kids & now has his portrait on a mural

Image credit: Andhar A. Samah

Penang has countless murals. Recently, a new one has been installed in Balik Pulau featuring a local legend. Introducing Uncle Muniandi, who has been making roti kaya for bread lovers of the town for the last 30 years. Residents would always expect to see him on his trusty ol’ motorcycle with a large metal bread box. Thanks to his earnestness, he raised 3 successful children — now pursuing careers as a doctor, lawyer, and engineer.

On Sunday (21 Jul), Acit Raman Abdullah shared on Facebook that this popular roti uncle recently had his portrait painted for a mural in conjunction with the Balik Pulau Festival 2019. 

The legend who made sacrifices for his family

In his lengthy Facebook post, Acit shared that Uncle Muniandi’s 3 children are pursuing 3 of the most revered professions among conventional Asian families. Two of them works as a doctor and a lawyer, while the youngest is on his way to becoming a chemical engineer. The post that revealed the bread seller’s backstory has since garnered over 2,000 shares. 

Acit continued to say that he was impressed with Uncle Muniandi’s sacrifices for his family’s sake and admired him for it. 

Uncle Muniandi and Acit posing for a photo
Image credit: Acit Raman Abdullah

Though he had humble beginnings, the roti uncle has worked hard for the past 30 years to ensure each of his children would grow up to be happy and successful. Acit even reckoned that he should be an icon for Merdeka or Malaysia Day this year. 

Acit’s touching anecdotes of Penang’s favourite roti uncle

Acit, who is now a full-fledged street artist, recalled an exchange with Uncle Muniandi when the humble bread seller could still remember him after years. He shared that he was still a kid then, and always doodled on the ground beneath a mangosteen tree. 

It came as a big surprise to Acit that his favourite bread seller still remembered him because it was all 25-30 years ago. 

Acit shared another heartwarming anecdote from when he approached Uncle Muniandi about the mural. He hadn’t even finished introducing himself when the uncle said that he knew where his house was, and even remembered his mum who always exchanged coins with him.

Image credit: Andhar A. Samah

Meet the man for yourself

If you’re ever in Balik Pulau and are interested in seeing Uncle Muniandi’s mural, you can find it at the parking lot right across from SJK(C) Sacred Heart. It’ll be hard to miss, considering the mural of Uncle Muniandy towers over everything else. 


Uncle Muniandi
Image credit: Andhar A. Samah

And if you happen to hear bells ringing and catch a whiff of fresh kaya bread, be sure to say hi!

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