Roti canai is Malaysians’ top choice for breakfast

roti canai most ordered food during mco cover pic
There has been an increase of roti canai orders since the start of MCO
Image adapted from: @breadedtbutter and I-Hua Lim

With a majority of Malaysians now working from home due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), we’ve come to realise that one of the perks about not having to rush to the office every morning is that we can settle in for a proper breakfast before work. However, we still face the tough decision of choosing what to have for breakfast as we’re always spoilt for choice – nasi lemakroti canaidim sum, kaya toast… You get the gist.

While it’s hard for most of us to name favourites as we grew up eating them all, recent statistics provided by GrabFood and FoodPanda has determined roti canai to be the most ordered food among Malaysians during this MCO period.

Roti canai beats nasi lemak for the top spot

According to The Star‘s report, roti canai did not even appear on the 2 local food delivery giants’ lists prior to the MCO. Since the regimen’s implementation, mamaks have been receiving more orders than ever for the all-time-favourite picks of roti kosong and roti telur. With the dish landing number 1 spots in both GrabFood and FoodPanda’s list, it’s officially become Malaysians’ most popular breakfast food during MCO – even beating out the iconic nasi lemak.

roti canai
Image credit: @breadedtbutter

While seeing roti canai ranked at the top may come as a surprise to a few of us, it’s actually not as big of a shocker when you think of the morning crowds huddled together in mamak stores pre-pandemic. Now that the MCO is in place, Malaysians are getting their favourite roti and teh tarik delivered to them instead.

Image credit: Cari

If you’re wondering how nasi lemak is faring amidst the competition, it’s still putting up a strong fight at numbers 6 and 10 on FoodPanda and GrabFood’s list respectively. Other popular picks include nasi goreng, nasi ayam penyet, pizza, fried chicken, and of course, bubble tea.

Hungry Malaysians share their love for roti canai on social media

After taking to social media to see if our love for roti canai is as intense as it was made out to be, it wasn’t long before we came across a flood of postings by hungry Malaysians who defo miss their regular suppers at their favourite mamak joints.

Twitter user @wananwarr‘s post in Malay can be translated to “I’m craving roti canai banjir [crying emoji]”.

twitter comment 1
Image adapted from: @wananwarr

A Malaysian mum who goes by the handle @amuse_gueule shared mouth-watering photos of her homemade roti canai and dhal. From the looks of it, she did a bangin’ job and it may even inspire more Malaysians to attempt making their own roti.

twitter comment (2)
Image adapted from: @amuse_guele

Twitter user @anysbtrsyia shared a short clip of a cute toddler’s delighted reaction after being fed something yummy. Her caption reads, “first bite of roti canai at a mamak store after RMO”.

twitter comment (3)
Image adapted from: @anysbtrsyia

Cravings for roti canai the strongest during MCO

Many Malaysians are self-professed foodies, which is why this MCO has been a struggle for a lot of us. However, we can still get all our favourite treats and even splurge on fancy meals for date nights at home with the help of food delivery services.

They’re certainly a lifesaver whenever a strong craving kicks in, like for the many Malaysians who couldn’t resist ordering their favourite breakfast menu item – roti canai. A leisurely breakfast at the neighbourhood mamak stall may not be possible for the time being, but getting to enjoy the same comforting food in our homes still calls for celebration.

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