Roji Monster – a shaved ice chain from Taiwan

When the MCO began, we found ourselves learning to cook at home or opting for convenient takeouts instead. But after a while, we miss getting “just because” desserts and treats – especially unique ones – now that we’re unable to cafe-hop and try all the Insta-worthy desserts that had been cropping up on our social media feeds prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

So if you’ve missed your shot at trying the shaved ice from Roji Monster, the relatively new shaved ice chain from Taiwan, you can still head down to their shop in SS15 for takeaways or simply ask them to deliver to your doorstep.

Though the shop has only started welcoming patrons sometime last year, Roji Monster has quickly become a fan favourite for their quality shaved ice that’s made with milk instead of water to ensure maximum flavour. They’ve also managed to stand out from the stiff competition by offering a variety of toppings, from raindrop cakes to fruit jams. 

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Stamp on your orders

To place your order, you need to first pick a “flavor card” among the selection given – Uji Matcha, Black Sesame, Mango Yogurt, Milk, and French Cocoa. These will be the base flavours of your shaved ice.

roji monster's shaved ice flavours and toppings

After picking a flavour, you can then choose 2 toppings by referring to the menu given. Once decided, just look for the corresponding stamp from the wooden box on the counter and stamp it onto your card. 

stamps at roji monster
The stamp set brings back childhood memories from when stamps were still an “in” thing

When you’re done, you just have to pass your flavour card to the staff and they’ll start preparing your order. 

Feel refreshed with these shaved ice desserts

Each set of shaved ice costs RM20. You’re paying for quality ingredients and housemade toppings such as Raindrop Cake and Salted Cherry Jelly.

roji monster shaved ice flat lay
The “eyes” are made from a sugary meringue base that has a crunchy bite to them

If you didn’t know what to expect before going in for that first bite, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the bold flavours. It becomes clear that there’s an obvious difference between shaved ice desserts that are made with and without water, as each scoop of ice feels almost substantial with the addition of milk or yoghurt. 

matcha shaved ice
The thin ruffles of the shaved ice show how delicately made it is

Matcha fans can add this shaved ice flavour into their to-try list as it checks off everything a good matcha dessert should taste like: a creamy, aromatic base with slight notes of bitterness that lingers on the tongue. It perfectly nails the balance between sweet and bitter, so the dessert is one that anyone can enjoy.

mago yogurt flavour

Mango Yogurt is their newest flavour, so we couldn’t pass it up. Made with fresh mangoes and yoghurt, sour bite from the yoghurt works well to complement the natural sweetness of the mangoes, making this a must-order if you don’t like overly sweet desserts. 

Roji Monster’s concept taps right into today’s trend of food blogging on social media. Not only is their shaved ice worthy to be ‘grammed for their meringue eyes and delicate ruffles, but the toppings are also worth a photo.

honey osmanthus jelly and raindrop cake
Honey Osmanthus Jelly and Raindrop Cake

The Honey Osmanthus Jelly has actual osmanthus flowers inside the jelly that provides a boost of fragrance as well as a slight crunch. The distinct honey flavour pairs well with the floral notes from the osmanthus. 

Raindrop cakes took the Western world by storm a few years ago because it blew their minds that a “cake” could be so transparent and jiggly. Most Malaysians would better know raindrop cakes as agar-agar, though the one here at Roji Monster has a slightly firmer texture and is paired with a drizzling of brown sugar syrup that gives a sweet yet smoky depth to the mild-tasting jelly. 

rice dumpling and hojicha jelly

The Rice Dumpling and Hojicha Jelly is a safe choice for first-time visitors as the rice dumplings are essentially tang yuan with a black sesame filling. The hojicha jelly on the other hand has a more muted flavour in comparison to the shaved ice, though you can still detect a hint of the roasted tea leaves. 

Flavourful shaved ice at Roji Monster

roji monster interior
Their bright interior is a mix of maple wood and sleek concrete counters

While Roji Monster managed to get their name out there due to their adorable bowls of “monster” shaved ice, it’s safe to say that their customers keep returning for the great taste. Whether it’s the aesthetic or the wide array of toppings that have gotten you interested, they certainly do a good job of convincing you to drop by the next time you’re in Subang. 

Address: 28, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours:12pm – 12am, Daily
Telephone: 03-5613 7188

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Photography by Amber Lee.
**Roji Monster is now open for dine-in during the Recovery MCO phase; opening hours updated.

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