Retiring Teacher Asks Son To Fix His Laptop So He Can Teach Online During CMCO, Netizens Salute Hardworking Cikgu

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Retiring teacher determined to teach online during CMCO

The pandemic has brought about many changes to our lives. From the closure of cinemas and entertainment outlets, to weddings and graduation ceremonies taking place via video calls, we had to quickly adapt to a bunch of things being moved online.

This includes taking lessons and classes online, a feat that’s actually much more difficult than it sounds. With issues surrounding the lack of Internet access for underprivileged groups, students finding it hard to comprehend lessons behind a screen, and teachers struggling with technology, it’s understandable that a lot of people are frustrated over these grievances.

Dedicated cikgu presses on despite tech issues

A teacher, Cikgu Wee See Heian, from Kedah though, is determined to not let technical barriers get in the way of education. He is currently teaching at SMK Tunku Abdul Malik, and just like every other school in Malaysia, his institution has had to move their lessons online in light of the CMCO.

There are challenges for both students and teachers, and for See Heian, it turned out to be hardware issues on his old laptop. He went to his son, Wee Cher Wei, for help, who then shared the story on his Facebook page on 24th November 2020, of how his father still tries to go out of his way to make sure that his students continue learning even though he’s retiring in 6 to 7 months’ time.

wee see heian conducting online lessons
Image credit: Wee Cher Wei

In the long post, Cher Wei detailed how he teased his father about working hard, even though he is retiring soon. He also said that there are good teachers out there such as his father, and talked about how he has a newfound appreciation for teachers working from home right now.

Cher Wei also mentioned that his father acknowledges that some students would not pay attention during his classes – something that all teachers are familiar with – but if there’s just one who does well in life, it makes him happy enough.

wee cher wei facebook postImage credit: Wee Cher Wei

Netizens touched by his efforts

Cher Wei’s post went viral in less than a day with over 21,000 reactions, 8,000 shares, and close to 1,800 comments at the time of writing. Most of the comments come from netizens who have nothing but utmost admiration and respect for this dedicated cikgu.

One of those comments include netizen Gerald Lee who saluted See Heian for his commitment towards his students and asked him to “stay safe and take care” during this pandemic.

gerald lee facebook comment
Image credit: Gerald Lee

Another user, Wira Sorfan even suggested that See Heian start his own YouTube channel after he retires. He also conveyed his respect for the teacher for displaying such enthusiasm, as he feels that it’s a quality that’s hard to come by these days, especially among the younger generation.

wira sorfan facebook comment
Image credit: Wira Sorfan

Meanwhile, Affinie Alex Ramos shared a fond memory of her grandmother, who was also a retired teacher. She said that her grandmother once told her that a teacher’s work carries on all through his life, and that “a teacher will never stop teaching until his last breath”.

Affinie Alex Ramos facebook comment
Image credit: Affinie Alex Ramos

Teacher teaching online classes during CMCO

Being a teacher is hard work and their efforts are often overlooked. All of us have been students ourselves, and many are guilty of not appreciating our teachers enough. During some point in our schooling lives, we’ve inevitably whined about the homework we had to do, the boring lectures we had to sit through, and the early hours that forced us to wake up at 6AM 5 days a week.

Perhaps See Heian’s story can serve as a reminder for everyone to be thankful of our teachers’ sacrifices a whole lot more, because their job is more than just coming to class and lecturing the students. They also have to deal with a whole lot of administrative work and, at times like this, struggle with uncooperative gadgets in order to make sure their students can continue to learn well.

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