Animal association launches Kempen Kibar Bendera Merah

While Malaysia’s battle against COVID-19 continues, the livelihoods of many are affected as businesses remain closed and restrictions on daily activities under the movement control order. Amid the heightened public health crisis, Malaysians have recently initiated a white flag campaign, or Bendera Putih, to help those who are struggling to cope with the pandemic.

Just days after Bendera Putih trended online, the Malaysian Animal Association has launched the Kempen Kibar Bendera Merah or “red flag campaign” to offer aid to struggling pet owners and also remind them to not abandon animals.

Red flag campaign in support of pet animals

Red flag campaign poster
Image credit: Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association

On Wednesday 30th June 2021, the Malaysian Animal Association announced the launch of the Kempen Kibar Bendera Merah in support of pet animals in the country. In a statement released on their Facebook page, president Arie Dwi Andika said the campaign was launched because more and more pet cats and dogs are being abandoned during the pandemic as owners could no longer care for them due to economic factors.

And as a result, abandoned animals are then forced to adapt to a new living conditions in which many of them experience starvation, threats, and fights with other animals. Arie mentions that these animals are often left by the roadside by owners. So, there is also a high chance of the animals getting injured and traumatized, contracting a disease, and subsequently facing death.

“Cats and dogs that have long been taken care of are a part of our family. But it’s really heartbreaking to always see new faces with fear and the awkwardness of adapting to new living conditions by the roadside,” he added.

Malaysians told to look out for struggling pet owners

Red flag
Image credit: Fredrik Rubensson

To address the problem, Animal Malaysia tells people to look out for neighbours who are struggling to take care of their pets due to economic factors. People are encouraged to check in on their neighbours to see if they have adequate food supplies for their pet animals during the pandemic.

Pet owners who are in need of help can raise a red flag for assistance from neighbours and other organizations. The Malaysian Animal Association is also urging pet owners to not abuse or abandon animals if they can no longer care for them during this difficult time. Fellow Malaysians, too are urged to be thoughtful of neighbours with pets and take part in the red flag campaign to curb animal abandonment throughout the country.

Animal Malaysia is also requesting people to update their social media profile pictures with a red flag campaign overlay saying “Kempen Kibar Bendera Merah” in support of the campaign. It can be accessed here.

Red flag campaign logo
Image credit: Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association

Red flag campaign by the Malaysian Animal Association

We really hope Malaysians will participate in this campaign to help pet owners who are struggling to take care of their animals during the pandemic.

If you are a pet owner who’s in need of help, don’t be hesitant to raise a red flag – and for the rest of us who do not have a pet, let’s look out for each other during this difficult time.

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Cover image adapted from: Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association and Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association

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