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Pringles’s latest Rice Fusion series has 3 flavours & 1 of them is Malaysian Red Curry

If you’ve always been a fan of Maggi Kari and wondered how nice it would be to have this beloved flavour in another form, Pringles has got your back! Since there are already Indomie-flavoured chips, this Maggi-flavoured version can join the league of noodle-flavoured chips.

Malaysian Red Curry tastes like Maggi Kari

You might be a little confused as to what Malaysian red curry is referring to, especially since we have all kinds of curries from fish to chicken to mutton. Well, a couple of Malaysians managed to get their hands on these chips and pointed out they taste like Maggi Kari. 

Image credit: Reddit

Image credit: Reddit

Although Pringles didn’t exactly nail it, they did come close considering Malaysians love their Maggi. And it seems like our taste buds are quite similar to the British, who have been sharing their newfound love for the Pringles flavour on social media.

British people are smackin’ their lips

The people of Britain have fallen in love with the taste of curry as they just can’t seem to get enough of it. 

Those on Twitter couldn’t stop raving over how they taste, “so good,” like this one.  

Image credit: @AdamGuest1985

Another Twitter user said they tried the Malaysian Red Curry flavour and thought they were “heavenly.”

Image credit: @ViaEllex

Fellow user complimented Pringles for, “smashing it with the new flavours,” and that he loves this new addition. 

Image credit: @neilforbessoul

At least now we know that the Brits appreciate our local flavours. If they have this big a reaction to Maggi Kari, imagine if we serve them a proper bowl of Malaysian curry!

Pringles explore Asian flavours

Earlier this year in February, Pringles released its newest range of chips called Rice Fusion. It’s a healthier option that is made with 24% rice. It also has less saturated fat and salt compared to the original chips.

Pringles rice fusionImage credit: @JWFilshill

Staying true to its name, the brand decided to go for Asian-inspired flavours with the Rice Fusion series. In addition to Malaysian Red Curry, there’s also Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala, and Peking Duck with Hoisin sauce.

Bring Pringles Rice Fusion over to Malaysia

Malaysians would probably have their go at it as well if we could find them on our nearest 7-Eleven shelves. Either way, we’re happy to share our favourite childhood snack to the people across the globe. 

Here’s to hoping that these flavours will be released in our country too! 


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