RASA Food Arena in Suria KLCC closes its doors

More businesses are opening back up, following various rounds of the Movement Control Order and phases of the National Recovery Plan. But the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take its toll in Malaysia. The latest spot that’s announced its permanent closure during the pandemic is RASA Food Arena in Suria KLCC.

Several Malaysians have spotted a sign announcing its permanent closure at the food court, best known for affordable and local food for workers and shoppers in the city. They will cease operations starting Wednesday, 1st September 2021.

Suria KLCC food court to close from 1st September

Suria KLCC, a well-known shopping mall in the heart of KL, opened back in May 1998, 23 years ago. RASA Food Arena has been catering to diners for just as long, having been around for 22 years.

However, as of 1st September, the food court will be permanently shutting their doors. The food court is one of two food halls located in Suria KLCC, next to Signatures Food Court on the second floor.

RASA Food Arena closes in Suria KLCC - sign
Image credit: @IzzyWafi

A red sign notifying patrons of their closure was spotted by several Malaysians, who proceeded to share photos of it online.

The sign, found on tables at the food court, said that RASA Food Arena will sadly be shutting their doors from 1st September 2021. It also thanked Malaysians for supporting their business during the 22 years that they have been operating on the fourth floor of Suria KLCC.

RASA Food Arena closes in Suria KLCC - Instagram
Image credit: @rasafoodarena.suriaklcc

RASA Food Arena also took to their Instagram page on 31st August to share that they will indeed be ceasing operations the next day. However, they did not explicitly state what the reason for the closure was.

Malaysians say farewell to food court

The level 4 food court at Suria KLCC is a familiar spot to KL-ites and beyond, which is why many have been sharing their farewells to the 22-year-old food spot on their social media accounts.

This netizen, for one, wrote on Twitter, “KLCC will never be the same again. You’ll be sorely missed Rasa Food Court. Thank you for many years of good food and happy memories.”

RASA Food Arena closes in Suria KLCC - comment
Image credit: Twitter 

Another Twitter user tweeted, “Day ruined after I heard that the food court in KLCC is closing down for good. [I] might go cry a [little]”.

RASA Food Arena closes in Suria KLCC - comment
Image credit: Twitter 

Some were also recalling fond memories at the food court, such as this Twitter user, who said, “[Sad face emoji] Level 4 Suria KLCC Food Court is always one of the best go to place for me since 19 years ago when I start working in Twin Towers. It’s our teh tarik session place, be it in the morning or evening.”

RASA Food Arena closes in Suria KLCC - comment
Image credit: Twitter 

Rasa Food Arena in Suria KLCC closes after 22 years

It’s always tough to see businesses that we often patronise close their doors.

RASA Food Arena is another business that is unfortunately closing down permanently during the pandemic, which is something that KL-ites will surely miss out on as more businesses are now allowed to reopen in malls.

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Cover image adapted from: @IzzyWafi and @rasafoodarena.suriaklcc

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