Ancient rain tree in Taiping, Perak is an impressive sight

Nature lovers in Malaysia have, pretty much, unlimited options when it comes to exploring our country. There are easy hiking trails that even the most amateur hikers can tackle, and not to mention, a newly opened sky bridge to take in both forest views and skylines all at once. 

And as more of us become more environmentally conscious, we’re starting to be more aware of how important it is to protect our natural landscapes. That’s why a particular rain tree in Taiping is turning heads online – not only because the over-130-year-old tree makes for an impressive sight – but also due to the effort that has gone into preserving it. 

Slumping tree given a new lease of life

Slumping tree in Taiping, Perak
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The tree can be found at Taman Tasik Taiping – also known as Taiping Lake Gardens – a lake garden in Perak that’s approximately the size of 146 football fields. It is said to have collapsed back in 2018, likely due to a damaged root, to the disappointment of locals who are familiar with this iconic tree, according to The Sun Daily.  

But instead of removing the fallen tree, the Taiping Municipal Council propped it up using heavy-duty metal bars. The road that has since been occupied by the lopsided stump and cascading branches has been closed off for pedestrians and bicycles too.

The unique sight can be termed as our very own “Leaning Tree of Perak”, and can only be one of the many reasons contributing to Taiping bring crowned the “3rd Most Sustainable City” in the world in 2019, as reported by Free Malaysia Today

Slumping tree in Taiping, Perak
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A “Raintree Walk” to celebrate historic trees in Perak

Slumping tree in Taiping, Perak - Taman Tasik Taiping
Taman Tasik Taiping
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More than just a well-preserved tree with a new lease of life, this tree is also an important addition to Malaysia’s natural landscapes. Taman Tasik Taiping is said to be the first public garden in Malaysia that opened back in 1880. 

According to the Taiping Municipal Council president, there are 37 trees that are said to be planted by British officials around the time of the establishment of this park at Raintree Walk, which used to be a tin mining site. This 630-metre street has since been closed off to motor vehicles in 2017 to help preserve these trees, as reported by Ipoh Echo

This puts these trees over 130 years of age, including the one that’s being propped up by metal bars.

Slumping tree in Taiping, Perak - Raintree Walk
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So the next time you see these overgrown trees sprawling across the streets in this lake garden in Taiping, with many of their large branches appearing to reach for the waters, know that they have a pretty impressive story to tell. 

A local park with a Rain Tree walk in Taiping

You’ll find plenty of Taman Tasiks, or lake gardens, scattered across Malaysia. They all boast different garden features and walking routes, with locations in and outside of KL, for nature lovers all around to explore. This one in Taiping is a historical addition to the list, and a testament of how nature can be preserved and allowed to thrive if we just give it a little helping hand.

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