Python swallowed wild boar

The act of stumbling across a wild animal may sound foreign to city folks, but those who live in or have lived in the kampung, will that it’s not uncommon to come across a snake or even crocodiles, if you live near a body of freshwater.

Just recently, villagers in Kampung Parit Semo, Ayer Hitam, not only had to deal with coming face to face with a python. What was more terrifyingly was that the snake’s girth was so wide, it was clear that it had just had a big meal.

Villagers stumbled upon python with a huge belly

On 9th October, media outlet Sambal Tumis, shared a post on its Facebook page showing several pictures of the python accompanied by the a caption written in Malay. The caption can be translated as, “A python with a full belly was found at Kampung Parit Semo, Ayer Hitam, earlier in the afternoon. It was conveyed that the snake has been caught by the fire department and some villagers. No further information has been released on what the snake has eaten.”

sambal tumis facebook post
Image credit: Sambal Tumis

Prior to people finding out what the python actually ate (spoiler: it’s a wild boar), netizens were throwing in their guesses on what could have been on the snake’s menu. Those guesses included a goat, a calf, and credit to some commenter’s morbid imagination – a human being.

bomba and villagers capturing python
Image credit: Sambal Tumis

Bomba revealed that python swallowed wild boar

In an official report by Sinar Harian, it was revealed that the mysterious object in the snake’s belly was thankfully, not a human being, but a wild boar.

python in a ditch
Image credit: Sambal Tumis

They also mentioned that the 7m-long python weighed 100kg after it had its very filling meal. Firefighters managed to capture the reptile from a ditch and has since handed it over to Johor’s PERHILITAN, The Department of Wildlife and National Parks. While it is unclear what the department will do with the python, it is expected that they will most likely find a suitable and safe spot to release the snake back into the wild.

Python swallowed a wild boar in a kampung in Johor

This might be a piece of unusual and amusing news to some, but with previously reported cases of tiger attacks and men being killed by crocodiles in Malaysia, it’s easy to see why some netizens guessed that the python had swallowed a human being. We’re also glad that nobody got hurt in this incident, except for the poor wild boar who lost its life being the python’s almost-dinner, and the python, which had to regurgitate its hard-earned meal after it was caught.

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Cover image adapted from: Sambal Tumis

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