Purple flag campaign launched in Malaysia for pandemic donors

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives and livelihoods of many people and pushed many to file for bankruptcy. In support of Malaysians who are struggling to make ends meet, people began raising white flags to seek help in the middle of this year.

Shortly after the Bendera Putih campaign became a thing in the country, the animal association came up with a red flag campaign in support of pets and owners who struggle to care for their animals. As we are about to bid farewell to 2021, a local charity platform called KitaJaga.co is introducing a purple flag campaign to encourage Malaysians to continue to look out for each other.

Raise a purple flag if you have something to donate

Purple flag in front of a house
Image credit: Malay Mail / KitaJaga.co

Unlike the previous help-seeking campaigns such as the white flag and red flag campaigns, the purple flag campaign or Purple Flag Movement is introduced with the aim to “bridge the gap” between help-seekers and donors in the country. Malay Mail quoted Reza Razali, the founder and developer of KitaJaga.co, saying that help-seekers or white flags on his platform outnumber donors with a ratio of 17:1, indicating that there aren’t many donors around.

So, his team came up with the idea of the purple flag campaign in early September to “encourage Malaysians to keep the spirit of giving back alive.” Those who have items to be donated to their community can make use of this campaign by registering at KitaJaga.co.

KitaJaga.co website
Image credit: KitaJaga.co

The platform allows donors to create a pin on the designated map by keying in details such as their names, addresses and the items they have for donations along with their contact information. The purple flag also distinguishes Covid-19 donors from help-seekers, making things easier for a lot of people.

Purple flag donation
Image credit: Malakat Grocer

A complete process of how to sign up for the purple flag campaign can be seen in the video below. Once donors have successfully created a pin, a team will be contacting them to manage the pick-up and delivery of donation items. This is to ensure donors’ safety and overcome potential Covid-19 health risks. For additional information on this campaign, read up the bilingual FAQ on KitaJaga.co where you can be a part of.

Cara untuk mendaftar sebagai INGIN BANTU di kitajaga.co (NEW VERSION)
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Cara untuk mendaftar sebagai INGIN BANTU di kitajaga.co (NEW VERSION)

Purple flag campaign for pandemic donors

Kudos to Reza Razali and his team for this amazing initiative to encourage Malaysians to continue to care for each other. It is indeed a useful platform to motivate more people to extend a helping hand especially if they have been shy to come forward or did not know where to start. Initiatives like this deserve our continued support and we hope Malaysians will spread word of the purple flag campaign to others to help them reach even more people.

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Cover image adapted from: Leave Only Foodprints (for illustration purposes) and KitaJaga.co

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