Form 3 students sit for PT3 exams

math student exam memeImage adapted from: @ciguraudhiyyy & @math_memes_for_math_teens

PT3 may have only been enforced in 2014, but anyone who has sat for exams would be able to relate all too well to the feeling of getting sweaty palms and last-minute jitters, and cramming as much as you can the night before your papers. 

That’s why since PT3 began this week, Twitter has been lighting up with Malaysians from all walks of life sharing funny memes and reactions – so much so that #PT32019 is trending now. It’s like #throwbackthursday, except in exam form.

Finding humour in these “hard” times

Since #PT32019 exam season started, netizens have been sharing the most relatable tweets that are sure to make you go “that’s so me”. See which one of these hits the closest to home for you: 

The procrastinator

We’ve all been there – waiting till the last minute to cram, and then gobbling up as much info as possible the night before our exams and hoping that we’ll remember everything. Looks like even 10-15 years later, teens are still facing the same hurdle.

did you study meme
Here’s hoping that this Twitter user @xkwoxn managed to get his buddies together for a last-minute study session.
Image credit: @xkwoxn

The human thesaurus

There’s always that one person whom we’ve made fun of for taking ever in class. But come exam time, we’d gladly take a queue number to see them for help.

This user @zedlibr did a public service and shared some infographics to help students with their english papers.

english synonyms
PSA: Even if you’re not taking PT3 exams, you can refer to these infographics to sound less basic.
Image credit: @zedlibr

The panic-stricken

Math, who doesn’t struggle with it? Even till today, you’ll see working adults whipping out their phones to use the calculator app to do simple math like 101 – 43 = ?

If you took more than 3 seconds to answer that question, you cannot math:

math struggle meme
Image credit:@beccaclareeee 

The 5-more-minutes snoozers

Stress is a strange thing – the more we’re faced with it, the more we want to avoid it. That’s why the snooze button is public enemy no.1 when it comes to high-anxiety situations.

Hands up if you’ve ever had a tough day ahead of you, but stretched out your snooze allowance till you had to rush to school or work after.

sleep studying meme
Image credit: @alifzrt

The I-blanked-out student

You prepared long and hard for an important test thinking you’d ace it – only to draw a blank after reading the first question. Then you panic and forget even more. By the end of the exam, you wonder why you even bothered to study in the first place. 

blank out exams meme
Image credit: @ohlookabot

The flip-floppers

You probably don’t know who Norman Vincent Peale is. But you’d be familiar with this quote attributed to him: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Well, setting goals for exams are a little like this. It’s like making New Year resolutions – we promise ourselves we’re going to work to succeed, but as the deadline draws closer, we tell ourselves that we’re actually okay with half the goal, like Twitter user @shaiw_qian.

pass is fine exams meme
Image credit: @shaiw_qian

PT3 exams in full swing for M’sian students 

With exams still underway until 8th October 2019, we want to wish all Form 3 students all the best. We feel you. Just keep calm, and you’ll get through it. Take it from us – we’re adulting just fine even though we didn’t get straight As. 

If the stress is getting to you, just go scroll through the hashtag #PT32019 on Twitter and let the hilarious memes bring a smile to your face. We wish you the best of luck!

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