Ophthalmologist Dr Muhaya issues apology on viral video

Gender equality is a hotly discussed topic worldwide, and many netizens won’t hesitate calling out public figures and celebrities who make sexist comments. Such is the case with prominent eye specialist and public figure Prof Datuk Dr Muhaya Mohamad, who posted a 56-second-long viral video of her sharing thoughts on why some women find life partners late in life via an Instagram post.

Following a heavy backlash on social media, where many expressed dissatisfaction and anger over some of the things she said, Dr Muhaya proceeded to delete the video and issued an apology for the misunderstanding and explained the origins of the video. 

Clip is cut from an old Facebook live Q&A session

On Wednesday 9th June 2021, The Malay Mail reported that eye specialist and motivational speaker Dr Muhaya had posted a video on Instagram. In it, she advised single women to stop equating themselves to men and be submissive instead to attract men. It is not specified when she posted the video.

Prof Muhaya - Viral video
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What is known is that the video then went viral after a Twitter user tweeted about it on 8th June 2021. The tweet sparked off a massive thread that has garnered over 11,000 retweets, 20,100 replies and over 12,000 likes at the time of writing, with netizens criticising her controversial views on gender identity and equality. 

After the public outcry, Dr Muhaya then proceeded to delete the video and disabled the comment section on her Instagram posts.

Last night, 10th June 2021, she broke her silence on the viral video by explaining where it was from and why she said those things that made many unhappy, especially women.

Prof Muhaya - Says Sorry Instagram
Image credit: @profmuhayaofficial

In an Instagram post, Dr Muhaya said the clip was cut from a 45-minute-long Facebook live video. The video was also published on her YouTube channel Prof Muhaya TV on 6th February 2021 with the title “Antara Cinta Dan Cita-Cita”.

Muhaya said the live video was done to address questions from KK Talib and comments on Facebook about women who are facing the dilemma of juggling career goals, love and family.

“Technically, it is an old video. But I understand that the 56-second-long edited clip has caused a lot of unease among people, especially women, resulting in questions, disputes and uncertainty,” she said.

Dr Muhaya apologises for her mistake and welcomes people to view watch the full video

Realising the chaos her short clip had caused on social media, Dr Muhaya then apologised for the misunderstanding that had taken place.

She also thanked the media, friends, family members as well as social media followers who reached out to her and her team directly to clarify the issue and also for giving feedback on the viral clip. 

Towards the end of her Instagram post, Dr Muhaya also invited netizens who wanted additional clarifications to watch the original and complete YouTube video on Prof Muhaya TV titled “Antara Cinta & Cita-Cita”. 

As a working woman, wife, mother and grandmother, Dr Muhaya says she always supports, prays that women reach the peak of success in life, live happily and receive God’s grace.

Eye doctor apologises for sexist comments in viral video

While the issue may be coming to an end as Dr Muhaya has offered her apology for her comments that netizens found offensive and sexist, it is always important to remember the need to have healthy conversations about gender equality in this day and age, where strength and power are no longer restricted to physical qualities.

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