Poppy Kat in Cheras, KL

With its retro-style furnishing and cheery orange walls, Poppy Kat is a neighbourhood cafe nestled in Taynton View, Cheras, that has been charming patrons for more reasons than one. Aesthetic interior aside, the cafe serves 20 different types of savoury and sweet croffles, and houses several adorable resident cats. 

Read on to find out more about this spot if you love croffles, coffee and cats.

Retro-chic cafe with cheery vibes

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Located just a stone’s throw from Cheras Leisure Mall, Poppy Kat is an eye-catching treat for frequent cafe visitors who want a change of scene from popular industrial- and minimalist-style cafes in KL. 

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Step inside this cafe and you’ll be greeted with colour-coordinated tiled walls and retro-style dining seats – which will, no doubt, add a pop of colour to your Instagram page when you snap photos of your food or OOTD. 

Poppy kat - cats
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While the cheery space is great for a fun-filled brunch with your friends, solo diners will enjoy their time here too. This is all thanks to the resident cats – namely Mimi, Meow Meow, Grey, Artemis, Batman, and Luna – that roam about the cafe. These cats are as adorbs as they are friendly.

Poppy Kat Cafe - Cats
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If it is your first time mingling with felines, you’ll want to handle them with care. This includes being gentle with them, and avoid disturbing them when they are asleep. As cats can be light-sensitive, you’ll want to turn off the flash on your phone when sneaking a picture of them too.

If you have cat at home, the cafe also has treats for you to tapau for your furbabies – Cat Sticks (RM2) and Meow Meal (RM7).

More than 20 types of croffles

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If you’re keeping up with food trends and have heard of croffles – a drool-worthy croissant and waffle hybrid – you’ll be pleased to know that Poppy Kat serves croffles with 20 different sweet and savoury toppings.

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To help you narrow down your options while you’re at Poppy Kat, we recommend trying their Matcha Lychee (RM15) – a lychee-glazed croffle that pairs well with the rich-and-sweet matcha mascarpone.

If fruity flavours aren’t your thing, opt for their Butterscotch Popcorn (RM13) instead. This croffle dish is drizzled with sweet, buttery homemade butterscotch sauce and covered with crunchy popcorns.

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Other unique croffles to look out for are their savoury ones. Cheese (RM13) and Chicken Floss (RM13) are some of them, along with their Japanese Curry Fried Chicken Croffle (RM30) – this croffle is a whole meal, as a pair of croffles is served with fried chicken and drenched with Japanese curry.

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Besides their croffles, Poppy Kat also serves heartier dishes such as burgers with curly fries on the side – Mentaiko Fried Chicky (RM32) and Green Curry Smoked Duck (RM29).

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Pair your meal with drinks that range from classic Latte (RM12) to fancy Biscoff Flat White (RM14). Non-coffee drinkers can go for their equally unique offerings – Lychee Grapefruit Rose (RM14), a fruity tea-based drink, or Oat Cha Cha (RM14) which combines earthy matcha and smoky houjicha flavours with oat milk.

Poppy Kat is a retro-chic cafe in Cheras

There are plenty of cafes to visit in Cheras. Poppy Kat is a vibrant addition to the list, and worth checking out if you crave croffles and want to hang out with cats. Its lively colour scheme also makes it a picture-worthy place that’s perfect for your Instagram feed.

Address: 34A, Jalan Nadchatiram, Taman Taynton View, 56000 Cheras, KL
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 011-5417 3453

Poppy Kat’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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