Polis fetches student to take his exams

There’s nothing more nerve-racking than being stuck in horrible traffic on the day of an important event such as a job interview, a ceremony, or an exam. So imagine a student’s despair when a lorry overturned on the road and blocked all lanes, causing a road closure. Thankfully, all’s well that ends well when a thoughtful policeman fetches a student who was stuck in the traffic jam to school, so that he won’t miss out on his exams completely.

Student was almost late for his exam because of an overturned lorry

The predicament was shared online by @aimadazfar who posted a tweet on the morning of 14th October. He uploaded several pictures of the student who is actually his cousin, riding pillion on a policeman’s motorcycle.

police fetching student to sit for his exam
Image credit: @aimadazfar 

His caption translated from Malay read, “Thank you so much to the abang polis who helped my cousin by fetching him to take his exams even though he was off duty. The road was blocked because of a lorry accident and my cousin had an exam at 9AM. Apologies for not knowing what the police’s name is. If you know him, please tag him.”

@aimadazfar tweetImage credit: @aimadazfar 

Netizens touched by abang polis’s gesture

The tweet blew up with over 18,000 retweets and 20,000 likes at the time of writing. Most of the replies to the viral tweet were from netizens who were heartened by the policeman’s kind and helpful gesture. This includes Twitter user @emirkamura who tagged our PDRM and asked them to acknowledge the abang polis’s earnest deeds. He also wished the policeman an abundance of blessings and good health.

@emirkamura tweetImage credit: @emirkamura

A huge chunk of the replies was also from netizens remarking at the sight of the student clutching the abang polis’s waist on the motorcycle. Many found it warm and amusing. Twitter user @mhsnlfrds excitedly exclaimed that the student looks like a kid who’s being ferried off to school.

@mhsnlfrds tweetImage credit: @mhsnlfrds

Abang polis fetches student stuck in jam to his exams

We’ve seen our policemen stop a car at a roadblock to rescue a cat, and even escort a woman who was in labour and stuck in a traffic jam to the hospital, so this particular PDRM officer’s kind deed comes as no surprise to us. But the fact that he went the extra mile to ferry a student to an exam restores our faith in humanity and makes us proud of our fellow Malaysians, especially in the midst of an uncertain and anxious period for the nation, so well done, abang polis.

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Cover image adapted from: @aimadazfar 

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