Police officers brave the sun to ensure MCO is followed

PDRM officers have tan lines from working under sun
PDRM officers have tan lines from working long hours under the sun. 
Image adapted from: Lee CK

You’ve probably stumbled upon a police-manned roadblock while restocking your snack pile during the Movement Control Order (MCO). While it adds time to our usual routine to keep our tummies filled, this has been a more than necessary effort to keep our streets virus-free. 

It also means that police officers have been working around the clock to ensure we’re all abiding by the MCO while out only for essentials. Literal storms haven’t held them back before, and now neither has the heat, with Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) officers seen with tan marks from working under the sun.

PDRM officers have tan lines from working under the sun

Police roadblocks
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Malaysians are no strangers to the heat. In fact, MCO has given many of us another excuse to stay safe and stay out of the sun. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the efforts of those on the frontline, including police officers who have been monitoring the streets for safety measures. 

This includes working during the day when the sun feels panas gila enough to fry an egg on the hood of our cars. A series of photos from Facebook user Lee CK confirms just how hot it is, with several PDRM officers photographed with dark tan marks after presumably working several shifts under the hot sun. 

Lee CK Facebook post
Lee CK’s caption can be translated from Chinese to English as: “Policemen working under hot sun to carry out duties. Their skin colour now changed into 2 tones”.
Image adapted from: Lee CK

The noticeable difference in shades on their faces gives you an idea of how long in a day they have to spend outside, with lighter spots on their forehead where their caps shielded them from the sun. 

Police with tan lines 2
Image adapted from:
Lee CK

But these prove to help only a little, with only a fraction of their faces untouched by the sun. With open tents as temporary security posts for shade, these police officers have little respite from the harsh weather while working morning and afternoon shifts. 

Police with tan lines 1
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Lee CK

Netizens show their appreciation for PDRM 

Facebook comments on Lee CK's FB post
Malaysians flood the Facebook post with comments of thanks and respect.
Image adapted from: Lee CK

Knowing how much we cannot tahan the heat even after having lived in Malaysia for a long enough time, netizens came out to comment and applaud PDRM for working through the harsh weather conditions. Many recognized that it isn’t an easy task. 

Facebook comments on Lee CK's FB post
谢舜美: “Really not easy” 
Hing shu: “Thank you”
Image adapted from: Lee CK

Others also made sure to send their well wishes to the police officers sporting tan marks, thanking them for their contributions.   

Facebook comments on Lee CK's FB post
Shirley Yap: “Thank you for all your contributions”
Enoco Wong: “Respect. The best”.
Image adapted from: Lee CK

PDRM show dedication while enforcing MCO

News of Malaysia ranking 4th in Southeast Asia as the country with the strictest COVID-19 response measures comes at no small feat. A collective effort of frontliners tackling all sorts of setbacks has us extra appreciative of their hard work and dedication to ensure that we’re all kept safe from the virus during this time. 

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