Policemen help elderly woman return home

PDRM helps lost OKU woman find her way back home
Policemen in Penang seen going the extra mile to help OKU elderly woman
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Ong Ah Teong 王耶宗

Helping citizens is a part of PDRM’s daily duties. But with many yet to fully adhere to measures set out during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Malaysia, they have a lot on their plates right now. 

This is why the story of policemen in Penang going out of their way to help an elderly woman with trouble walking and speech impairment has been winning the hearts of netizens online. A photo showing one of them carrying her from her wheelchair also has many saluting their efforts.

PDRM helps wandering elderly woman return home

The story was first shared on Facebook by Batu Lanchang assemblyman Ong Ah Teong. According to his post, an elderly woman in a wheelchair was sent to Pusat Khidmat ADUN Batu Lancang in Jelutong, Penang after a friendly local in the area found her wandering around town. 

Workers from the centre tried to figure out where she lived to get her back home, but they had a hard time understanding her as she had some speech impairment. 

Elderly woman at DAP centre
Image credit: Ong Ah Teong 王耶宗

PDRM was then called in to help the elderly woman when all else failed. They were able to find out her address after locating her IC and confirming it with her. 

PDRM guides woman to car
Image adapted from:
Ong Ah Teong 王耶宗

The pair of policemen even went through the hassle of lifting her from her wheelchair to get her safely into the back of a police car for a special police-escorted ride home. 

PDRM carries elderly woman
Image credit:
Ong Ah Teong 王耶宗

Ong even described them as being patient and professional throughout the whole process of finding out where she lived to returning her home. 

Netizens applaud the policemen’s kind deed

Facebook comments 1
A reshare of the story also sees netizens applauding the good deeds of the PDRM
Image adapted from: Penang Kini 

The story won over the hearts of netizens, with Penang Kini also sharing it on their Facebook page. It had many coming out to show their appreciation and respect for PDRM, and others telling them to keep up the good work. 

A Facebook user, Maxon Tan, sent his respects along with a shout-out to the kind gesture, commenting, “Behind the law, there is a human. Salute to the Jelutong police”. 

Facebook comment 2Image adapted from: Ong Ah Teong 王耶宗

Meanwhile, Mike Teh WI pointed out the sweet sight as a mark of Malaysia, saying, “Helping each other and living in harmony. This is what Malaysia should be about.”

Facebook comment 3Image adapted from: Ong Ah Teong 王耶宗

Penang policemen’s selfless deeds

Stories of the elderly leaving their homes without anyone’s knowledge are not new to many of us. This is why the sight of the policemen taking the time to help this OKU elderly woman and return her to her home is a sweet one that’s restoring our faith in humanity. 

With COVID-19 still a threat to Malaysians, and the elderly at high risk of catching the virus, we’re also glad to see extra care being extended to them at this time. 

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