Police rescue a family of three in Klang River

Malaysians have a strong sense of appreciation for the humanitarian acts of fellow citizens. We often see uplifting posts involving delivery riders and officers in uniform who go out of their way to help someone.

Police officers, in particular, have gone viral for befriending a stray dog during the pandemic and joining hands with RELA officers to rescue a cat that was stuck in a lake. This time they have caught people’s attention once again for rescuing a family of three from being washed away by the currents of the Klang River.

A family of three gets stuck in Klang River

Police officers rescuing a family from Klang River
Video credit: Ahyie Hairi

Yesterday, 16th August 2021, Facebook page Friends of PDRM reposted videos and photos of Malaysian traffic policemen rescuing a family of three from the Klang River. The viral post which has garnered over 9,800 reactions, 700 shares and 500 comments caught the attention of netizens because of the brave action of the PDRM officers.

Originally posted on Facebook by netizen Ahyie Hairi on 15th August 2021, the post explains that a Malaysian family who was believed to be fishing got stuck in the river and were unable to get out on their own.

Several traffic police officers who were at the scene were then seen helping the family from getting washed away by the strong river currents. A man with a motorbike could also be seen stuck in the river along with his wife and daughter.

PDRM officers win netizens’ hearts for their kind gesture

Malaysians are flooding the comments section showing their love and words of appreciation for the traffic police officers for their bravery and promptness in rescuing the family. Many congratulated the officers and sent them well wishes in both Facebook posts.

Facebook comment praising police officers
Image credit: Friends Of PDRM

Netizen Zamlan Zakaria said, “Congrats to the traffic cops for the swift action in saving three lives. Thank God.”

Facebook comment praising police officers
Image credit: Friends Of PDRM

Meanwhile, Suddin Sarip commended the PDRM officers’ willingness to risk their lives to help people who are struggling during this pandemic.

Traffic police rescue a family from the Klang River

Kudos to PDRM for their prompt action in saving this family of Malaysians from a life-threatening situation. We hope Malaysians will continue to be on the lookout for those who are having a hard time during this pandemic. If you see such incidents in your neighbourhood, please inform the authorities immediately. You could save a life.

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Cover image adapted from: Ahyie Hairi and Ahyie Hairi

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