Malaysian woman gets special escort after overtaking police

M'sian pregnant woman gets police escort
Police escort for pregnant woman
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Malaysians are no strangers to seeing policemen on motorcycles escorting cars carrying Malaysia’s royals and ministers while travelling on the road. We only saw a recent exception to this during Phase 3 of the MCO, with police escorting those trying to travel out of their 10km limits from home.

But an ordinary Malaysian woman managed to score herself a special police escort while driving her pregnant sister who was in labour from Rawang to a hospital in Selayang. And she did it by getting their attention by overtaking them in her car – which has netizens applauding her ingenuity and the PDRM’s service. 

Woman overtakes police officers to catch their attention

Nor Athirah Adnan posted the thrilling tale on Facebook on 2nd June 2020, along with several photos to prove the incident that had happened the day before. 

In the post, she shared that she was tasked with sending her younger sister to the hospital, and couldn’t help but speed up as her sister was already having labour pains in the car. But she got stuck in traffic, and turning on her hazard lights to notify other drivers of the emergency situation did little to help. 

So when she spotted 2 police officers on motorcycles on the highway, who were presumably out on patrol duties, she quickly sped up and overtook them to catch their attention with noise from her revved-up engine. 

Police escort 1
Image credit: Nor Athirah Adnan

And Nor’s quick thinking did the trick, as the police officers came to her car to ask “What was the problem” at the next traffic light. 

After pointing out that her sister was in labour in the car, the police officers wasted no time to offer to escort her to the hospital – an experience that not many can say that they have had before.

Police escort 2
Image credit: Nor Athirah Adnan

A photo of Nor’s sister’s safe and sound newborn baby in the hospital showed that the whole tale turned out well. But Nor remains apologetic as she didn’t get a chance to say thank you to the compassionate police officers with how quickly everything happened. 

Netizens praises local woman’s quick thinking and the police

Nor’s Facebook post saw many netizens coming out to comment and give her a thumbs up for thinking quickly on her feet and getting her sister safely to the hospital even though it must have been a nerve-wrecking moment.

Facebook comment 1
Nor receives thumbs-up from netizens for her quick thinking
Image adapted from: Nor Athirah Adnan

This included Juliana Samsudin, who commented: “You must have been so nervous having to bring your little sister to the hospital to give birth. Good thing the [policemen] came to escort.” 

Facebook comment 2
Image adapted from: Juliana Samsudin 

Many also came out to applaud the PDRM for seeing them safely to the hospital, including Zu Aida, who said: “Congrats to ‘Baby MCO’. Thankful that the policemen came to help.” 

Facebook comment 3
Image adapted from: Zu Aida

Police escort for woman rushing pregnant sister in labour to hospital

We’ve been seeing news of women arriving late to hospitals to give birth due to roadblocks set out to help curb COVID-19. So we are more than glad to hear that Nor helped her sister arrive safe and sound to the hospital just in time to deliver her baby.

And we applaud the police for doing what they can for the rakyat to ensure that we’re getting easy access to medical services in emergencies at this time.  

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