Pizza Hut Malaysia celebrates Valentine’s Day 2020

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Image adapted from: Pizza Hut

Valentine’s Day has rolled around again. It’s the season for showering your loved ones with gifts, and Pizza Hut sure didn’t want to get left behind on the gifting game.

Just recently, the local pizza chain went above and beyond – not just by coming up with a limited edition heart-shaped pizza, but they’ve also been busy delivering these pizzas to troll every other fast food joint in the market. And yes, that includes their biggest rival Domino’s. 

Putting rivalry aside for V-Day

Pizza Hut had an early celebration for Valentine’s Day by showing up at Domino’s front door with a freshly-baked pizza in hand. 

Delivery to Domino's
“Dear Domeeno, my lovely neighbour. Greeting from us at Pizza Heart. Specially made with love, with no hard fillings.”
Image credit: Pizza Hut

But they didn’t stop there as they even included a cute little note that affectionately referred to Domino’s as “Domeeno”, which is presumably the “Malaysian” way of pronouncing it. We especially loved the pun at the end which said, “made with love, with no hard fillings.” 

This just goes to show that it is very much possible to set rivalry and competition aside to make way for a healthy environment where businesses can coexist in harmony and make fun jabs at one another.

Other brands received the pizzas too

Domino’s wasn’t the only fast food joint in town to receive a surprise delivery from Pizza Hut as they managed to deliver to 8 other brands including McDonald’s and KFC

Delivery to McD
“Dear Mekdi, your burgers are cool… But don’t be a chiken ah. Give this new Piz’za Heart a try. We heard Everyone’s Lovin’ It.”
Image credit: Pizza Hut

They referred to McD as “Mekdi”, the brand’s iconic nickname that went viral after news of the Bukit Bintang outlet’s name change. They even managed to include Mekdi’s very own slogan, “I’m lovin it” in the personalised note. 

Sticking to the theme of Malaysian pronounced words, they didn’t forget to belanja KFC – otherwise known as “Kepci” – a pizza either. 

Delivery to KFC
Even the holes on the box are heart-shaped to go along with their cheeky note: “Dear Kepci, I know you love pizza. But “Chizza” is not Pizza. Here’s a Piz’za Heart with love from us. We belanja.”
Image credit: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut made a playful jab at KFC by saying that their Chizza isn’t technically a pizza, which is why they treated them to one. 

Kyochon + Burger King
Image adapted from: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut also proved that they’re one to keep up with current trends as they included Kyochon 1901, the popular chain from Korea that’s beloved among Malaysians for their fried chicken, in their list. They didn’t forget the likes of Burger King, Texas Chicken, and even Nando’s. 

Friendly competition in Malaysia

Most of us wouldn’t dream of trading any 1 of our favourite fast food brand for another as we just love them all too much. After all, variety is key. That said, it is heartwarming to see our favourite brands being friendly with each other. 

If you too would like to get your hands on the exclusive Pizza Heart menu, you can get 1 to share with your loved one for only RM39.90 a la carte. They’re available at Pizza Hut outlets nationwide until 16 February 2020 or until stocks last.

Pizza Heart menu
Image credit: Pizza Hut

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