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If you grew up watching American TV shows, you’d know that mini-golf is the go-to date night activity for tweens. Most of us have left our tween days far behind, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to drop by the fairly new Pints & Putts to see if we could have as much fun as those American kids on TV. It is an adult-friendly location, so those above 18 can sip on cocktails in between courses. 

The establishment occupies 2 shop lots with three zones: a bar, a miniature golf area, and a sit-down dining space. The bar and mini-golf take up the first lot with the entire 2nd floor dedicated solely to mini-golf while the dining area is just across the bar. 

9 themed courses with mini challenges 

We went straight for the mini-golf upstairs, where the first thing we saw was a bright neon sign that said “The Putt Putt Club”. We chose our putters and were given a token to get our golf balls from the dispenser that made us think of those novelty gumball machines. 

neon sign and putters

Armed with our glow-in-the-dark putters, we entered the mini-golf zone where colourful LED lights shone down on us. With the club music blasting from the bar below, regular party people can just think of this place as another one of their haunts. 

It’s a modest space with just enough room for 9 courses and a little legroom in the middle. Don’t worry about it being packed during your visit, because as long as your group has a game in session, the entire space is yours.

lego course

It’s definitely a far cry from the kind of golfing that involves 150 acres of green turf. Instead, you get to putt your way around playful set-ups. You first start off with a lego-themed course where you’ll need to sling your golf ball into the course a la pinball. 

The whole course is pretty noob-friendly, so even if your aim is only half-accurate, you can still score a hole-in-one just by pure luck.

ice cream truck
The fifth course is dessert-themed with an ice-cream truck as the background, and there are props for an IG-worthy shot.

upside down course (1)
Fun fact: the steamed bun props are super squishy!

It’s not all child’s play though. You can crank up the difficulty by going for some mini challenges. Just look out for the signs plastered on the wall when you’re making your way through the course. You can choose to invert your putter to shoot with the handle instead. 

Sip on cocktails in between mini-golf sessions

Over at Pints & Putts, we learned that they are big on their cocktails. You can have drinks while mini-golfing, at the bar, and over at the restaurant.

strawberry cheesecake cocktail

Their house specialty is their Strawberry Cheesecake (RM30), an alcoholic take on the indulgent dessert. 

Don’t let the pretty aesthetics fool you into thinking it’s a drink for the lightweights. You’ll still feel the warm burn going down your throat when you take a swig of the vodka-based cocktail. While there’s a subtle note of parmesan, the heavy cream and strawberry pairing resembles a berry yoghurt instead. 

frozen margarita & gnt

Another drink worth trying is the Frozen Margarita (RM30). The blend of orange and lime juice gives a strong citrusy tang that helps offset the sharp taste of tequila. 

For fans of gin and tonic, you’ll appreciate the addition of grapefruit in their Classic GNT (RM30) that leaves a fruity aftertaste in your mouth. 

old fashioned

For those with sophisticated taste buds, opt for the Classic Old Fashioned (RM30). The bourbon is smooth on the tongue, revealing undertones of honey-maple and butterscotch. They’ve thrown brown sugar into the mix, adding just a touch of smokiness to go along with the sweetness. 

If their extensive menu leaves you feeling indecisive, just go up to the bartender and ask for an “anything”. He’ll do the decision-making for you and might even come up with a special, off-menu item. 

Fill up on food before the big game

You can have pre-drinks along with your dinner and save up on petrol since you don’t have to drive between places. Start off your night at the dining area across from the bar, where the floor-to-ceiling windows give you a good view of the manicured lawn and topiary outside. 

dining area

You wouldn’t think the bar and dining area were from the same establishment as they both sport different aesthetics. The minimalist lighting and plush velvet sofas makes for an elegant dining setting which contrasts the casual, laid back vibe of the bar. Given the swanky dining area, their menu options are also impressive with fancy pasta and salmon dishes.

Having sampled through some of their best items on the menu, here are our recommendations:

fried chicken and fries

If your session at mini-golf leaves you with a case of the munchies, go for their bar snacks. Their Spicy Fries (RM12) is an affordable pick and goes perfectly with a jug of beer (from RM140). You’ll quickly feel the kick of heat at the back of your throat as the unassuming dusting of chilli powder on top packs a punch. 

Up next was SWINGS (RM18), Pints & Putts’ rendition of Korean fried chicken. Crispy skin, check. Addictive spicy sauce, check. Juicy flesh that glistens as you tear it apart, check


Our winning pick was the Grilled Salmon (RM39) with its crispy seared skin and juicy, fall-apart tender flesh. The salmon was mellowed out by the sweet pumpkin puree that had a luscious mouthfeel to it.


We got the Pavlova (RM21) to end our meal on a sweet note. Along with the handful of fresh fruits, you’ll also get a generous drizzle of passion fruit compote on top and berry coulis on the side. 

Pints & Putts mini-golf bar at SS2

bar area

If darts and beer pong have become a yawn for your drinking buddies, give Pints & Putts a try. Be sure to make a reservation before you head over or you’ll be looking at an hour’s waiting time. Mini-golf prices start from RM19/pax from Tuesday to Thursday, and RM28/pax from Friday to Sunday. 

upside down course (2)
Don’t forget to pose with the themed courses for the ‘gram.

Pints & Putts is located away from the busy area of SS2, so you won’t have to compete for parking spaces. Whether you’re coming in for ladies’ nights or spending your TGIFs here, you’ll be in for a ball of a time. 

Address: Lot A-G-05, The Hub SS2 Retail 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 3PM-12AM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 012-399 7271

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Photography by Danny Ko.

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