Phase 3 of MCO in Malaysia

Phase 3 of MCO in Malaysia
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Most of us can’t help but feel like we’re being dealt an UNO “draw 14” card with the extension of Movement Control Order (MCO) now on 28th April 2020 instead of 25th March as originally planned. But with a downward trend of COVID-19 cases since its start, these strict measures have proven to be effective even if we’re now majorly missing our mamak hangouts and boba runs. 

With more hurdles to overcome, Malaysia is now in Phase 3 of MCO as of today, 15th April 2020. Measures in Phase 2 remain unchanged, but to keep you up to speed, we’ve rounded up additional measures being enforced in Phase 3 so you won’t end up with a slap on the wrist: 

Stricter measures by authorities

It goes without saying that you should only be going out for essentials, which includes shopping for groceries and seeking medical assistance. But with many making invalid excuses for going out, you can expect to see more roadblocks and tighter security checks during Phase 3.  

Checking for ICs and proof of address

It has been reported by Malay Mail that police officers will no longer take grocery runs with a pinch of salt anymore at roadblocks. This comes after many have been using them as an excuse to be outside. 

So expect to be stopped and questioned at major roads and highways now, including Jalan Pangkor and Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur. Those in Penang have already seen a doubling of 21 to 40 roadblocks during Phase 3, which will also operate 24-hours, as reported in another article by the Malay Mail

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Proof of address, on statements such as electricity bills, and ICs will have to be shown when asked by police officers once you get stopped. If you’re found outside the 10KM radius of your home address, you’ll be taken to the police station for further action.

Proof of address check
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Police escort for those taking care of elderly family members

Those who are looking after elderly parents living away from you will also have to brace themselves for a special police escort to their homes too. This is to check if you’re telling the truth, with no excuses for this tolerated either. 

Exceptions will be made for accompanying the elderly or parents to the hospital to be treated for illnesses, but otherwise, the 1 person per car rule remains from Phase 2.  

Malaysia armed forces
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Don’t be surprised to see more Malaysian Armed Forces coming out to help police officers man roadblocks during Phase 3 too. According to Astro Awani, 7,000 have already been deployed during Phase 2, and more will be deployed soon. Police officers will also have a helping hand from the Road Transport Department (JPJ), as reported by Bernama on 10th April 2020.

Straight to court for defaulters

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With many struggling to make ends meet at this time, RM1,000 compound fines for violating MCO orders doesn’t sound attractive to begin with. But violators won’t even have that option anymore, as they’ll be arrested and taken straight to court if found out of line with MCO orders. 

According to The Malaysian Reserve, this sees a potential prison sentence of 2 years on the first violation, and 5 years for each following offense. This strict term comes after a total of over 4,000 compounds and 9,000 arrests have been made as of 13th April 2020.

Additional businesses will be allowed to operate

Not all bad news, the government announced that additional businesses will be allowed to operate in Phase 3 so our economy doesn’t take too much of a hit. 

The Malaysian Reserve reports that this includes major industrial sectors such as aerospace, machinery and equipment, automotive, and construction. Research and development relating to necessities at the moment, such as COVID-19 and legal practice, will also resume operations.

Businesses to open in Phase 3
Barbers and optometrist to reopen during Phase 3 of MCO.
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Malaysians can also seek out services from optometrists, salons, and serviced laundries, which will adhere to strict hygiene guidelines in order to operate. Electric and electronic shops and hardware stores will also be allowed to open at previously stated curfew hours of 8AM-8PM

Additional measures in Phase 3 of MCO in Malaysia

Malaysia has been showing progress of beating COVID-19, and Phase 3 will help ensure that results will be in the long run and not just for a couple of days. So it’s important now, more than ever, to adhere to additional measures in Phase 3 so that predictions of cases peaking in mid-April don’t turn out to be true.

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