Pet IC That Looks Like Our MyKad Helps Us Find Our Furry Fam Easily If They Get Lost

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Malaysian IC-lookalike available for pets

Having their pets go missing is one of the biggest fears of parents of fur kids. The thought of them wandering outside, hungry, and all alone can be very distressing. To keep track of their movements 24/7, you can get a pet collar that has GPS, or you can do the next best thing to ensure that they can be easily found if they’re lost – get a pet ID for them.

Pet IC from Paw Life Matters looks uncannily like our MyKad

Paw Life Matters, a pet supply business, recently introduced their own version of a Malaysian IC for pets. The card piqued the interest of many as it looks uncannily like our MyKad. It bears a similar blue shade, layout, and even the faded black and white photo next to the main photo. There will also be a portrait of our doggo or catto to complete their adorable MyKad.

paw life mattes pet ID
Image credit: Paw Life Matters

This pet IC serves as more than just a cute and fun accessory. It will contain important information that can help identify your pet, so any kind soul that comes across them can get in touch with you if your fur kids ever go missing. These information include details such as name, breed, owner’s contact, vet’s contact, allergies, microchip number, and more.

While the card looks legit, it’s important to note that it is in no way, a representative or an equivalent of a real license. You should still register you pet and obtain their license from the local council.

Pet IC made for pet and owner; priced at RM35

Measuring 5.4cm in width and 3cm in height, Paw Life Matters’ pet IC is an itty-bitty mini card that comes with an attached key ring so you can hook it to your fur kid’s collar.

pet id attached on a dog
Image adapted from: Paw Life Matters

There will also be an identical version of the IC for the owner that can be easily kept in your wallet. Measuring the size of a credit card, it will come in handy should you need to prove your identity as the rightful owner when you reunite with your pet. You can also easily whip it out as reference for your pet’s details if you need to register them at a new vet.

owner version of pet ID
Image adapted from: Paw Life Matters

Priced at RM35, you can get your own customised pet ID from Paw Life Matters’ website or via Shopee.

Pet IC an important precaution to help you find your pets easily

No pet parent will ever wish to go through the ordeal of losing their fur kid as the loss can be heartbreaking, especially more so if your pet has been with you for a long time. While we may not be able to prevent our pet from ever leaving us due to old age or diseases, this pet IC will hopefully help us find our pets if they ever get lost.

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Cover image adapted from: Paw Life Matters

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