Perlis man goes viral for dining out at a restaurant

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc in Malaysia, many of us are still unsure when things will get back to normal. While most of the country is still undergoing a lockdown with restrictions on business and daily activities, a Perlis man is going viral on social media for showing off pictures of himself dining at a restaurant after the state was given the green light to relax SOPs.

Photos of Perlis man dining out at a restaurant on social media

Twitter post by Perlis man
Image credit: @IzzRaifHarz

On 4th August 2021, Twitter user @IzzRaifHarz posted pictures of him dining out at a restaurant in Perlis which is now virally being shared across social media as most of the states in Malaysia are under the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Perlis, along with Labuan and Sarawak, are the few states and federal territories to be given permission to allow dine-ins at the moment under Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan.

@IzzRaifHarz tweeted that he posted the photos because he often gets asked, “What can you do in Perlis?” and other stereotypical remarks such as “‘The state has only eight people [since it is so small]’, ‘Is Perlis located inside Kedah?’, and ‘It’s boring to live in Perlis since there are no malls’.”

But with dine-in allowed, he feels thankful for being a Perlis native as the state is one of the few that is least affected by Covid-19, resulting in them being able to enjoy more relaxed SOPs.

Netizens are jealous of Perlis’ relaxed SOPs

Malaysians are envious that people in Perlis are allowed to dine in at restaurants while the rest of the country is still observing a lockdown. People reacted to @IzzRaifHarz’s post with memes and other comments expressing how they feel about the situation.

Netizen reacts to dine-in in Perlis
Image credit: @mnnajmie

Netizen @mnnajmie wrote: “Dear God, please make Johor Bahru the capital of Perlis from tomorrow onwards.” To which another netizen replied: “Hahaha, I agree!”

Meme shared by a Twitter user
Image credit: @ruckusniemamak

Meanwhile, netizen @ruckusniemamak replied to the post with a Spongebob Square Pants meme reflecting the agony the rest of us in other states that are still in full lockdown are experiencing.

Netizen reacts to dine-in in Perlis
Image credit: @tichiekun_

Twitter user @tichiekun_, on the other hand, said jokingly that he is “going to commit arson” if he sees something similar being posted by others on social media.

Perlis man eating out at a restaurant during MCO in most parts of Malaysia

How nice it is to see that folks in some parts of the country are allowed to go out and resume normal activity. As much as we want this to be happening in every state in Malaysia, we sincerely hope that those residing in states under the MCO can fully comply with SOPs. With daily Covid-19 cases breaching record highs for the past few days, mask-wearing, social-distancing and getting vaccinated are more important now than ever.

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Cover image adapted from: @IzzRaifHarz and @farisrbz

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