10 Penang Sunset-Viewing Spots – Restaurants, Bars & Hotspots With The Best Views For Date Nights

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Best spots to catch sunset views in Penang

Evening’s the time when purple-pink hues sweep across baby blue skies in Penang, and it’s a view that shouldn’t be missed whether you’re a Penangite or out-of-state visitor. Here’s a list of the 10 best sunset-viewing spots in Penang – from skyscrapers to the beach – that serve up the best #nofilter evening views on the island. 

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1. The Habitat Penang Hill – an educational rainforest experience

Penang Sunset Spots - The Habitat Penang Hill
credit: @thehabitatph

The best spot to catch golden rays of sunlight shining down on the rainforest has got to be The Habitat’s Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk. It’s the highest viewing platform atop Penang Hill, sitting at 700m above sea level. The Habitat closes at 7pm, so a walk at the top would be the perfect way to wrap up your visit to the nature park. 

Tucked amidst a 130-million-year-old rainforest, The Habitat is an oasis offering an educational experience to nature enthusiasts, children and adults alike. From canopy walkways to zip lines, it was built with a “nature first” approach and there’s plenty to explore here. 

Visitors with an adventurous spirit can enjoy a flight down an 80m tandem (RM15). For something a little more slow-paced, there’s the newly introduced forest bathing experience (RM138 per pax), a guided three-hour programme of mindfulness exercises led by a resident naturalist.

Penang Sunset Spots - The Habitat Penang Hill Butterfly Bank
This is the Rajah Brooke’s birdwing, which is commonly sighted in the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Natuna, and Sumatra.

Image credit:

The nature trail in The Habitat is dotted with a few flower-themed gardens and the Butterfly Bank garden is designed to attract the beautiful winged insects to play amidst the flora.

Penang Sunset Spots - The Habitat Penang Hill monkeys
Image credit:

Dusky leaf langurs, which usually dwell on high trees in troops of 5 to 20, are among the wildlife you might notice roaming free. As are the racket-tailed drongo, a bird known for its knack at mimicking other bird calls. 

Address: The Habitat Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang
Opening hours: 9AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 019-645 7741

2. Tree Monkey Restaurant – Thai food set amidst a spice garden

Penang Sunset Spots - Tree Monkey Restaurant
Image credit: @

Nestled amidst tropical foliage of the Tropical Spice Garden in Teluk Bahang and overlooking the Andanman sea, the Tree Monkey Restaurant boasts a back-to-nature dining experience.

Penang Sunset Spots - Tree Monkey Restaurant back to nature dining
Image credit:

If you’re lucky, you might just spot the dusky leaf monkeys swinging from tree to tree. It was these cheeky, curious creatures that inspired the restaurant’s name for they love to snack on the leaves, seeds and flowers next to the terrace. Just keep your distance and do not feed them as it might create a sense of dependency and hinder the monkeys’ survival abilities. 

Penang Sunset Spots - Tree Monkey Restaurant's Thai food
Image credit:

The restaurant’s specialities stem mainly from the north-eastern part of Thailand – think barbecue meats and spicy salads, sprinkled with the restaurant’s garden-grown herbs. The Grilled Beef Salad (RM38.80) and Mango Salad (RM20.80) make popular choices although a heartier main meal would be the Belacan Fried Rice With Shrimp Paste And Sweet Chicken (RM20.80).

Good for sharing are the Thai Tapas (RM39 for 8, RM59 for 12 and RM79 for 16). Chef’s recommendations include Money Bag (mashed potato and basil leaves enveloped in a golden bag), Homemade Spring Rolls With Minced Chicken, Larb Gai (minced chicken salad with shallots lime and chilli), Thai Fish Cake, Pandan Chicken, Hhor Mok (steamed curried seafood paste wrapped in banana leaf), and Lemongrass Seafood Skewer

Address: Lot 595 Mkm 2, Lone Crag Villa, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11100 Penang
Opening hours: 10.30AM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 04-881 3493

3. DSRT Sky Room at St Giles Wembley – dinner and drinks in the heart of George Town

Penang Sunset Spots - DSRT Sky Room
Image credit:

A stone’s throw from arts and culture hub Hin Bus Depot and the iconic Komtar Tower, the DSRT Sky Room, on the 31st floor of St Giles Wembley, sits in the heart of George Town. It’s a chill spot where you can bask in the sun glow al fresco-style or grab a table in the cool air-conditioned indoors. Settle in before dusk to catch the city’s day-to-night transformation from a panoramic vantage point. 

Penang Sunset Spots - DSRT Sky Room panoramic views
Image credit:

Peranakan dishes Joo Hoo Char (cuttlefish and shredded vegetables, RM18) and Chicken Curry Kapitan With Bread (RM23) are flavourful perennial favourites, with the latter packing an aromatic punch. Other dishes to try include Rose Wine Chicken (RM25), Loh Bah (RM16) and Inche Kabin Chicken (RM26)

Penang Sunset Spots - DSRT Sky Room wine
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Kick back and soak up the scenery with a glass of wine (from RM28) or Single Malt Whiskey (RM33 per shot). The Single Malt Tasting Flight (RM168) might pique the interest of avid whiskey drinkers, although we recommend that you call ahead during this RMCO period to reserve a spot. If earl grey and camomile are more your cup of tea, there’s TWG Tea (RM16 per pot) to unwind with.  

Address: 183, Jalan Magazine, 10300 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 6PM-1AM | Sat-Sun 7PM-1AM
Telephone: 04-262 2726

4. David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace – afternoon tea on a hill

Penang Sunset Spots - David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace
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Shrouded in greenery at the peak of Strawberry Hill, English teahouse David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace is the highest restaurant in Penang. Here, the weather is cooling, typically around 25°C, and the quaint set-up provides a serene ambience not commonly found on the island. 

Penang Sunset Spots - David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace
Image credit:

The colonial-style manor’s interior seating area is decked out in plush cushions but the real draw is the garden, which has lush trees and a view overlooking a lily pond. You’ll want to come dressed in your Sunday best to grab some shots here, with the sunset as your backdrop. 

Penang Sunset Spots - Afternoon tea
Image credit:

The afternoon tea menu, which is available from 3PM to 6PM every day, features British classic Devonshire Cream Tea for RM29. It comes with a pot of tea, two English scones, homemade strawberry jam, whipped cream and butter. 

Taking it up a notch is the Full Afternoon Set (RM49 per pax), which comes with not only the scones, but also sweet treats such as strawberry macaron, pistachio chocolate truffle, opera cake, cendol cream puff, and savoury stuff such as sweet chili fish burger, chicken bacon sandwich, mushroom ragout cracker, and tilapia cromesquis. 

Penang Sunset Spots - Malaysia Chicken Roulade
Malaysia Chicken Roulade

Image credit: @david_browns_restaurant

Available all day is the ala carte menu. The prices on this menu are steeper, but justified by the presentation of the dishes and atmosphere here that makes you feel like you’re on a vacation overseas. 

Whet your appetite with the Wild Mushroom Soup (RM24) dusted with crispy crouton and chives, and work your way through a Black Angus Sirloin (RM72) with a side of shoestring fries or Chicken Roulade (RM44) with mashed sweet potato, mint yoghurt and sambal cream sauce. 

Penang Sunset Spots - David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace
Image credit:

The best way to get up the hill is by hopping on the funicular railway service from Penang Hill Upper Station or hiring a jeep from the Botanic Gardens entrance. The RM8 train ride takes about 30 minutes and from there, it’s a short 30m walk to the restaurant. Otherwise, you can book a jeep for RM60 and it’ll be a 20-minute drive.

Address: Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Air Itam, Penang
Opening hours: 11AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 04-828 8337

5. Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar – the revolving restaurant

Penang Sunset Spots - Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar
Image credit:

Another restaurant and sky bar boasting a breathtaking view of the UNESCO World Heritage City and her port, Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar offers a buffet dining experience with Peranakan and Malaysian cuisines (RM88) at the pulse. 

Not to be missed from the buffet line are the otak-otak, mee goreng mamak and roti jala. End the night on a sweet note with the sago gula melaka, ice kacang and chendol from the dessert spread.

Penang Sunset Spots - Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar buffet
Image credit:
Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Sky Bar

Due to COVID-19 concerns and the current RMCO regulations, appetisers will be brought to the table on a platter for sharing, while the restaurant staff will scoop soups, hot dishes and desserts for the diners from the buffet belt. The restaurant revolves between 7PM to 10PM.

Address: 25-A Lebuh Farquhar 10200, George Town, Penang
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 4PM-1AM | Fri-Sat 4PM-2AM
Telephone: 04-261 3540

6. BoraBora at Batu Ferringhi – drinks on the beach

Penang Sunset Spots - BoraBora at Batu Ferringhi
Image credit:

Beach bar BoraBora in Batu Ferringhi is a relaxing spot along the tourist belt where you can watch the waves lap up on the shore and catch the parasailers and jet skiers in action as you quench your thirst with a Beer (starting from RM15.52 for a bottle; RM75.60 for a bucket of Tiger), Mojito (RM22.42) or Strawberry Milkshake (RM11.64) in hand.

Penang Sunset Spots - BoraBora at Batu Ferringhi food
Image credit:

The sunset view is pretty amazing at this spot, as evinced by the photos you see when you search for the Bora Bora Beach Restaurant & Bar, Penang geotag on Instagram. As you enjoy the view, you can munch on Onion Rings (RM9) and Chicken Nuggets (RM9) or fill your bellies with Honey Chicken With Steamed Rice (RM11.50) or Fish And Chips (RM26.36).

Address: BoraBora @ Ferringhi, Lot 415, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Penang
Opening hours: 12PM-11.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 04-885 1313

7. Beach Blanket Babylon – beach bar in George Town

Penang Sunset Spots - Beach Blanket Babylon
Image credit:

Facing the sea, Beach Blanket Babylon is unusual in that it is a beach bar in George Town itself. But that just makes it the perfect spot for a midday Cocktail (from RM24) or quick catch-up after work. It sits right between the waterfront and a heritage mansion, which houses sister restaurant 32 Mansion

Penang Sunset Spots - Beach Blanket Babylon
Image credit:

Signature dishes on the Beach Blanket Babylon menu are available from 12PM till 7PM and include local favourites Crab Laksa Lemak (RM32), Mee Goreng Mamak (RM20) and Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM30). Lovers of Western cuisine will want to try the Piquant Salad With Spicy Lemongrass Vinaigrette (RM24) or the 6 Spice Marinated Barbecue Chicken (RM42), both touted to be house specialities. 

Address: 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: 12PM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 04-262 2232

8. Chew Jetty – where art murals and stilt houses meet

Penang Sunset Spots - Chew Jetty
Image credit:

The most prominent of the six remaining clan jetties of Pengkalan Weld, Chew Jetty is one of the last bastions of old Chinese settlements on the island. Back in 1918, Chinese immigrants heard that jobs in Penang were aplenty, which led to their move here. The number of foreign ships anchored to the harbour increased over the years, as did the number of village houses on stilts. 

Chew Jetty features the longest walkway, perfect for photo opportunities along the waterfront and you’re bound to catch sight of a handful of sampans

Penang Sunset Spots - Chew Jetty walkway
Image credit:

If you’re there to catch the sunset, head over early so that you can first browse the art murals and souvenir and snack shops amidst the rustic village houses that are home to locals.

Penang Sunset Spots - Chew Jetty street food
Image credit:

Cool down with a cup of aiyu jelly, lemon and lychee or treat yourself to some fried snacks such as spring rolls, stir-fried radish cake and rojak from the hawker stalls dotted around the area as you take in the sunset views. For a quieter experience, mosey over to Tan Jetty, a short 4-minute walk away. 

Address: Chew Jetty, Weld Quay, 10030 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 011-6246 2884

9. Pantai Kerachut Beach – where sea turtles reside

Penang Sunset Spots - Pantai Kerachut Beach
Image credit:

Trek through Penang National Park or ride a boat to get to Pantai Kerachut, which is a remote spot where you can catch the sunset away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hiking trail takes about an hour to conquer and is moderately easy, with the steepest steps at the very start. From red wild flowers to large ant nests, there are heaps of interesting flora and fauna along the trail.

Once you arrive at the beach, check out the meromictic lake, where sea water and fresh water do not mix due to different densities – one of a few rare sights in Malaysia.

Penang Sunset Spots - Pantai Kerachut Beach turtles
Video credit: @nakachi_08

On the beach is also the Turtle Conservation Information Centre, a turtle sanctuary which looks after baby green sea turtles until they’re strong enough to fend for themselves. It is said that the species migrate here for nestling from April to August due to the algae found around the island. Visit from September to February and you’re more likely to spot olive ridley sea turtles, the second-smallest turtle species in the world, instead.

Penang Sunset Spots - Pantai Kerachut Beach boat
Image credit:

If you’re getting back after dark, we recommend booking in advance an RM80 boat ride to pick you up from the beach back to the entrance of the park. Just be sure to schedule this when you first arrive at the entrance of the park!

Address: Pejabat Taman Negara P. Pinang, Jalan Hassan Abbas, 11050 George Town, Penang

10. Gurney Drive – a promenade walk

Penang Sunset Spots - Gurney Drive
Image credit:

Across a stretch of hawker stalls, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls – Gurney Paragon and Gurney Plaza – seafront promenade Gurney Drive is a convenient location for a breezy sunset stroll. 

Penang Sunset Spots - Gurney Drive views
Image credit:

The area is currently undergoing a makeover, which is expected to be completed by 2021. In the pipeline for the coastline is a new waterfront and public park, conceptualised by the consultant architects behind Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

Penang Sunset Spots - Gurney Drive Hawker Centre
Image credit:

Near the roundabout is Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, which comes to life in the evening. Not to be missed is the moreish Muar Chee (RM2-RM3), sticky glutinous rice coated in groundnuts, sesame and sugar.

Sunset spots in Penang

Whether to capture the perfect #nofilter snapshot or to wind down and relax, here are some spots in Penang to catch cotton candy-coloured skies and the sunset. Just don’t forget to charge your camera or phone and slather on mosquito repellent if you’re heading into the wild! 

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