Penang streets sprayed with sanitiser

Penang firefighters sanitise streets
Penang sanitising streets
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Aik Kean Ang 

When the epicentre of COVID-19 went into lockdown mode, they went all out to eradicate the virus. Many of us have seen photos and videos of officials dramatically hosing down streets with sanitiser in China – now Penang has followed suit. 

After the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced on 18th March 2020, firemen squads in Penang volunteered to do their part. They’ve been sanitising the streets for 6 hours each night since Sunday (22 Mar) to help curb the spread of the virus. 

Voluntary sanitising began on Sunday, 22nd March

Bomba sanitise street
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According to this Facebook post by Bukit Bendera MP Wong Hon Wai, volunteers from Bomba Sukarela Mount Erskine have been sanitising streets in Mount Erskine and Tanjong Tokong area since 22nd March.

This move comes after reports of crowds who had yet to comply with MCO were seen at Mount Erskine Market on 18th March.  

The firemen have since been provided with financial support and necessary equipment to help them carry out their voluntary work after their good deeds were noticed by the public. 

Working after hours to keep public safe

Butterworth firemen sanitise streets
Firemen in Butterworth area in Penang sanitising public streets and markets 

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Not limiting themselves to rescue missions and blazing fires, firemen squads all around Penang have also come out to volunteer. Some have even been working for hours during the night for 5 consecutive days, to ensure that the public is kept safe from COVID-19. 

As reported by The Star, these firemen begin their voluntary work at 8PM and end at 1AM. Their routine is carried out using a firetruck and 2 smaller vehicles that haul 5,200 litres of food-grade disinfectant. The firemen would then hose down public and residential areas to sanitise the streets. 

Butterworth firemen sanitise streets
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Aik Kean Ang 

A minute-long video shared by Penang Kini on 25th March also shows several firemen on a bomba truck, efficiently sanitising the streets that house eateries. 

Sanitising streets from bomba
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As you can see from the video, it’s no surprise that the Penang community have been told to stay inside while they carry out their disinfection routine at night.

Penang firemen sanitise streets during MCO

It’s great to see that Penang is carrying out these efforts to eradicate COVID-19 off the streets, literally. We’re grateful that these firemen have voluntarily stepped forward to do the deed, to help keep public areas clean so that those who do leave their houses to get essentials will be safe too. 

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