Drive-through Ramadan bazaar

Online Ramadan in Malaysia
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Update: Reports have confirmed that authorities will no longer be allowing bazaars of any kind, including e-bazaars and drive-through ones. This is so that the efforts of eradicating the spread of COVID-19 in Malaysia will not be undone.

Ramadan is usually the talk of the town for many Malaysians, with bazaars offering a ton of street food during fasting season. But this year’s festivities have come to a halt as Malaysia has entered Phase 3 of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

While heartbreaking, not all hope is gone as – according to The Star – the Health Ministry said they’re open to new ideas for Ramadan bazaars, including online and drive-through ones. Well, you’ll be glad to know that Absolutely Halal MY now has a drive-through Ramadan bazaar where you can drop by the nearest KK Mart to have your favourite Ramadan food. 

“Drive-through” bazaar for Ramadan feastings

Ramadan bazaar
Our love for pasar malams during Ramadan will have to be put on pause, but we’ll have some unique offerings this year.
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Absolutely Halal MY has hosted events at exhibition halls such as MINES in the past, but with all large gatherings cancelled for MCO, this has taken a back seat for everyone’s safety.

With everyone having to think out of the box in these unprecedented times, they’ve teamed up with food businesses such as Big Onion and Tappaw Corner to offer Ramadan food to Malaysians through a unique drive-through option that adheres to social-distancing. 

KK Mart
Drop by your nearest KK Mart to pick up your Ramadan order with Absolutely Halal MY.
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All you have to do is place an order online 2 days before through Potboy, an online grocery store, and drop by the nearest 24-hour KK Mart to pick up your order. It’s available at Desa Petaling, with outlets at Taman Kinrara and Kota Damansara added once Ramadan is around the corner. 

With pick-up time for food set at every hour from 12PM-5PM, you won’t have to worry about crowds when picking up your food either.

Murtabaks on Potboy
Have your pick of Ramadan favourites, such as murtabaks with different fillings, online.
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You’ll get to order a series of milk teas from Tealive from them as well, such as Roasted Milk Tea With Grass Jelly and Superior Coco, so you can save on the trip and risk running into a roadblock.

MyEG & Grab MY will also delivering Ramadan faves

Grab MY online bazaar
Have Ramadan food delivered straight to your house.
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For more online options during Ramadan, you’ll be glad to know that several companies in Malaysia have started “e-bazaars” as well. This includes MyEG’s Nak Makan and Grab MY’s E-bazar that’ll deliver dishes like ayam percik, kuihs, and roti john straight to your doorstep. 

This also means that you can support makcik kiahs and haji sallehs – per our PM’s description of dedicated Malaysians and food sellers – who are working hard to make ends meet during this time, while also having your share of Ramadan favourites. 

Drive-through Ramadans during MCO

If we’re going to see COVID-19 finally eradicated from our streets, some sacrifices have to be made. This has included the cancellation of Ramadan bazaars so that crowds won’t gather and cause another outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

But with Malaysia recently showing progress of flattening the curve, it’s now more important than ever to adhere to MCO orders. So we’re glad to see these companies stepping up so Malaysians can keep a piece of tradition and have their share of food even in tough times. 

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