Malaysian students’ share relatable online class stories

Malaysian students online classes struggle
Funny tales from students of online classes during MCO.
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@NajihahZamri370 & @cupcakeslatte

Strict measures of Movement Control Order (MCO) have made many Malaysians think on their feet. This includes universities having to make that switch to online classes so students can finish up their semesters and be on track with graduation. 

But as all new things go, it didn’t come without any hiccups. Which is why Malaysian students banded together on Twitter to share stories of their online classes. It also brought to light their teachers’ humour that’s bringing on some much-needed chuckles during a tough time like this. 

Online classes shed light on relatable struggles

The relatable and funny online classroom stories began with Twitter user G-ha on 15th April 2020. She tweeted a photo of a hilarious conversation between a student and professor in her class: 

Online class be like
Student: “Madam, I cannot hear your voice”.
Professor: “I haven’t even spoken yet”.
Image adapted from: @NajihahZamri370

It led to a whole throng of Malaysian students coming out to share funny tales of their online classes as well, with over 40,000 retweets and likes on the post. 

While many related to G-ha, others were complaining about the additional and unlikely crew of classmates that were showing up. This included dogs and crows that could be heard in the background of their video chat classes. 

Unlikely classmates
Students struggle with having unlikely classmates during this time, with one classroom complaining of crows and another of barking dogs.
Image adapted from: @_dilachan & @syarifahnrzkrei

Another chatroom between students shows the relatable struggles of working and studying from home. While many are trying their best to stay focused during a classroom as shared by Twitter user @fairuznadhirahh, her friend decided to lie down for a bit because she couldn’t catch what her professor was saying. 

Student takes a rest during class
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Professors also show their funny sides during online classes

Professor tries on filters
Professors also show their humour during this time by testing out filters while waiting for their students to pour in for their online classes.
Image adapted from: @nshadilaz

Many of these tweets from Malaysian students also showed how teachers are not as garang as they seem and have a down-to-earth side to them. 

Twitter user Jie came out to share a photo of her professor likening his student’s voice in an audio clip he received to the “hero” from Crash Landing On You, a popular Korean drama on Netflix. He even made a meme with the female lead in the show saying “Eh! The kid sounds like you” to the male lead he had been referring to. 

Crash Landing On You student
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Many of us now know the struggle of slow internet causing funny hiccups in video calls as we’re keeping up with loved ones through video calling apps to practice social-distancing. Which is why this student’s professor is hitting the nail on the head by describing the raspy voices of her students from internet issues like a room of robotic-sounding Transformers. 

Class of Transformers
“Sounds like I’m studying with Transformers”.
Image adapted from: @aliakhumaida_

Showing that they care for their students’ wellbeing at this time, this professor at UiTM greeted his class by asking if any of them had contracted COVID-19. After his students responded with thankful no’s, he ended the 2-minute conversation with: “Ok. Class is finished for today. Thank you all”. 

Professor quickly dismisses classes
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Students document struggles of online classes during MCO 

No doubt, many of us have started missing things we never thought we would, including attending classes and seeing our friends on a daily basis. But these students in Malaysia have found laughter and community online even during tough times and from unlikely sources that’s bringing a smile to our faces as well.

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