OKU man gives heartwarming statement to adopted son

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Man declines extra food from local charity group
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It is important to remember that there are a handful of Malaysians who are finding it hard to sustain their livelihoods especially right now during MCO. These people also include the beggars who are struggling to fend for themselves due to the decrease in foot traffic in the city. 

Recently, a video about a man and a child who declines excess meal donations went viral on social media. They were approached by AZ – a group of Good Samaritans who goes around KL to give out meals to the underprivileged. 

Chance encounter by a nonprofit group

While doing their rounds one afternoon, the group AZ chanced upon a young boy by the side of the road who was pushing a man who looked like his elderly father on a wheelchair. 

The group stopped their car and asked them if they were hungry, to which they replied that they were. Without hesitation, the group parked their car and proceeded to give 2 hot meal packets and 2 bottles of water to them. 

Declines Excess Meal Donations
Image adapted from: @_AZ69

The entire exchange was documented on the group’s Twitter page. In the video, the child could be heard asking the older gentleman in Malay if the food was enough. The man replied: 

“Eh cukup la, bagi la orang lain pula ramai lagi tak dapat.” 

This can be translated to, “It’s enough, there’s other people who haven’t gotten their share.”

Declines Excess Meal Donations
The duo declines excess meal donations.
Image adapted from: @_AZ69

The group’s video went viral and received 37.5K retweets and 29.9K likes on Twitter at the point of writing. According to Harian Metro, the man in a wheelchair had broken his legs during a motorcycle accident 11 years ago and has been living on the streets, making a living begging since. 

The 7-year-old child in the video is not the man’s child, but can be considered his adopted son because he’s been raising him since he was a baby. 

Sending prayers and good vibes to the duo

Netizens poured their hearts out to the duo and wished them all the luck in their future endeavours. Twitter user Ty Leen praised the older gentleman for thinking of others even during these tough times. 

Her tweet in Malay can be translated to, “The part where he says to give other people makes me sad. He thinks about others who haven’t eaten besides himself. Allahuakbar.”

Image adapted from: Ty Leen

Don’t take more than you need

Now more than ever, it is important for us to show more empathy and care towards those who need it the most. Even though many of us have had to give up some little luxuries in life, such as going to the gym or eating out during the MCO period, there are many other Malaysians who cannot even have their basic needs met and could really use a helping hand

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