Kelantan man owns rare Nike Moon shoes

Nike Moon Shoes Cover Pic
Image adapted from: Ide Adol and Hype Beast

Sneakers are a billion-dollar industry not just because everyone wears them, but also because they can rake in massive re-sale revenue if they’re rare gems. It’s no wonder sneakerheads are willing to queue for hours and drop lots of cash on shoes, because you never know when you might just strike the sneaker lottery.

Well, it seems like one Malaysian man has realised every sneakerhead’s dreams. He has an incredibly rare piece from 1972 in his possession that’s worth nearly RM2 million.

Hatu Guni posing with sneakers
Hatu Guni attending a Nike meeting in Tokyo
Image credit: Hatu Guni

Hani Gatu is an avid sneakerhead from Kelantan and it turns out his investment towards new kicks were worth it. On Saturday (24 Jul), his friend posted on Facebook saying that Hani Gatu was in possession of a super rare pair of Nike shoes.

There are only 12 of these Nike Moon Shoes in existence and one of them has been with Hani Gatu all this time.

Hatu Guni posing with his moon shoes
Hatu Guni with his pair of Nike Moon Shoes
Image credit: Ide Adol

Another one of the 12 pairs was recently auctioned off to a Canadian collector who forked out a whopping RM1,800,00 for the shoes.

World’s most expensive trainers

According to Hype Beast, Nike Moon shoes were among the 100 pairs of the world’s rarest shoes that was auctioned off for $437,500 (RM1,816,937.50).

Nike Moon Shoes
Image credit: Hype Beast

The collector who managed to snag that pair also spent $850,000 (RM3,530,050) to acquire the other 99 pair of shoes. If you’re wondering who’s the man who spent over RM5 million to buy the entire collection at the auction, it was Miles Nadal, a CEO of a multi-billion-dollar investment firm.

The previous world auction record for sneakers was for a pair worn by basketball legend, Michael Jordan. The converse shoes that were worn by Jordan during the final basketball match in the 1984 Olympics were sold for $190,373 (RM790,619.07).

Hatu Guni’s rare Nike Moon shoes

The sneaker enthusiast only found out the worth of his Nike Moon shoes after reading the news about the auction. The shoe has been verified and has been confirmed as an authentic pair, and it even comes in the original box.

If you’re a sneakerhead yourself, you may want to take good care of your collection. 50 years from now, you may find yourself in possession of a pair of shoes that can make you an overnight millionaire.

Hatu Guni with his shoe collection
Image credit: Hatu Guni