Netflix joins Astro as the new streaming platform

Many of us have been turning to online streaming services during the pandemic. A popular one among the list is Netflix, with most of us already having a subscription to check out the slew of movie titles available on their streaming platform.  

But if you have yet to sign up for Netflix, and have been thinking of getting one, this might be the time to do so because Astro, a well-known television network in Malaysia, just announced that it will be partnering with Netflix as its latest streaming platform after Disney+ Hotstar was made available to its customers from 1st June 2021. This means that if you’re an Astro subscriber, you might get the best of both Netflix and Disney worlds.

Stream Netflix on Astro Ultra or Ulti Box soon

Astro’s rumoured partnership with Netflix was first reported by The Edge Markets on 23rd June. After much speculation, Astro confirmed the news yesterday, 24th June, saying that it will indeed be partnering up with Netflix.

Though Astro has yet to confirm the exact launch date and other important details of this partnership, some details are already available on their website.

Astro Ultra box
Image credit: Astro

In the FAQ section here, Astro mentions that its customers can “enjoy seamless access to Netflix” through their Ultra or Ulti Box. These are Astro’s latest Astro Box offerings that let viewers stream TV shows and films from its current catalogue, with nifty features such as cloud recording, 4K viewing, and live pause too, via WiFi connection.

Netflix shows
Image credit: Astro

With the partnership, customers will have the added convenience of getting to scroll through Netflix’s catalogue too – that means watching Netflix Originals such as Stranger Things and The Queen’s Gambit and a host of other TV series and movieswith their Astro subscription. It’ll also provide easy access for payment in a single bill, as reported by The Edge Markets.

However, it is not stated whether you can merge your existing Netflix subscription with Astro’s latest offering, or if you have to sign up again.

The Smart Local Malaysia has reached out to Astro to get more details on their partnership with Netflix.

Netflix joins Astro as new streaming platform

With the addition of Netflix, Astro now has 4 streaming platforms available on their platform – HBO Go, China’s iQIYI, Disney+ Hotstar, and Netflix. As it may be hard for some to juggle between subscription services and knowing when payments are due, Astro’s Ultra or Ulti Boxes give you the convenience of accessing unlimited options for shows all in one spot.

Keep an eye out on Astro’s official social media pages for more updates on the launch date, price, packages and more. Alternatively, customers who are interested can get more details about Astro and Netflix’s partnership by submitting a registration form here.

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